Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Crime Watch Wednesday - Special Mom Edition - You Play Cards, I'll Get the Cat

This week's Crime Watch Wednesday comes from my Mom's hood. This story shows that you can never really trust anyone, especially stangers that you invite to your house to play cards.

A woman reported that her very valuable and ugly hairless sphinx cat was stolen after she had friends over to play cards. She suspects the one person that she didn't really know but met through a mutual friend. Througout the night the man commented on how valuable her hairless furball was. Later when she and another group of friends were in another room, the man and the sphinx both went missing. She then called him but he denied taking the cat.

Well, this is a real stumper.  Does anyone else see this as a very special episode of Law & Order?  I mean, what could have happened.  We know the following:

  1. The woman had people at her house.
  2. One of these people were not like the others.
  3. Stranger danger.
  4. Said stranger liked her cat.
  5. A lot.
  6. Her cat was an extra special very expensive ugly as hell cat.
  7. Said stranger somehow knew this.
  8. Said stranger kept remarking about the value of ugly cat.
  9. Woman leaves stranger alone with cat.
  10. Cat goes missing.
  11. Stranger goes missing.

I wonder what could have happened? Also, does anyone else wonder how she had the stranger's phone number?  Such a mystery. Of course he denied taking the cat. Why would he admit it? Those criminals! Such liars. 

One final thought - Do you think that if the police went to the stranger's house they would find a hairless cat in a wig and the stranger standing their shrugging like "What? That's not the same cat!"

2 important things being said:

Jennifer said...

Do people really steal cats? I find this the craziest Crime Watch Wednesday ever just due to what was stolen. And did this idiot think it was a good idea to not only invite a stranger in her house, but also leave that stranger alone long enough to steal a cat? This might have been the worlds friendliest or quietest cat if no one heard anything!

*~Dani~* said...

Jennifer- apparently only really expensive cats. How much of a market can there be for stolen cats I wonder? This person is an idiot. I truly feel sorry for the cat, even if it is ugly.

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