Monday, July 26, 2010

Sundays are for Chardonnays and Tears, Sexism and Cheers (And Yes I Know It Is Monday)

B and I decided to have a nice quiet Sunday dinner at a local bar and grille.  Some of the  patrons had other plans like the couple next to us but at the bar who were drinking it up.  Roughly about the time we ordered our food, three small boys sizes large, medium and small (but not baby size) came bouncing in and went up to the couple demanding money and attention.  The "dad" suggested they go play from wherever they came.  The "mom"* suggested they go play at someone else's house.  The oldest a/k/a large size kid decided they were going to "go outside."  Mind you, outside was the street, but off they went.

Me: Run along kiddies, mommy and daddy need to get their drink on.
B: No kidding.

After my deceivingly super spicy sausage pasta came, I noticed while sucking down iced tea that one half of the couple was crying.**  Crying. In a bar. While drinking.  Biggest cliche ever.

Me: So if we are ever out in the future and I start crying into my Chardonnay, please just take me home.
B: I can only imagine how weepy you will be when you hit menopause.
Me: Ha! Weepy my ass! I am going to be BITCHY!
Me: Remember, you promised to love me.
Me: Sucka!

Do you know that women cried THREE more times? Do you know we were only there 20 minutes longer.  I kept saying things like "this is ridiculous!" and "COME ON!".  She may have heard me. Maybe I made her cry the second time?

We had to leave when I heard the other half of the couple say:

"You have all of that money and you are just sitting here in a bar crying."

EXACTLY dude! She is crying in a BAR! 


What was this about all of this money?

"No one with all of that money should be crying. Hell, if I had all of that money, I would sock half of it away."

Rich and crying publicly in a bar? Too much.  As I disgustedly stalked out of there, I heard her mumble something about "all the therapy I will need" and about her son not being a good baseball player. You mean the one in the street? Hell, he may not even be alive.

My Sunday was rejuvenated later that night with all of the excellent Sunday night programming!  As B said, there just isn't enough time to watch it all - True Blood, Hung, and Mad Men!

Now I know none of you are watching Hung, but what about Mad Men? Some of you must be watching. Well, exciting news peeps! I am now reviewing Mad Men for Daemon's TV too!  So read my review here.  And the review of this week's episode of Hung here.  I plan on making a page up at the top strictly for my reviews hopefully this week.  Stay tuned.

And, please, for the love of all things holy, try to keep your crying private especially when in public.

Three cheers for private tears!

*I am not convinced these two were married and I only heard the kids call the guy dad.

**I will give you one guess as to which one of the couple was crying,

2 important things being said:

Jennifer said...

I once cried at California PIzza kitchen because they ran out of diet coke. I mean, who runs out of diet coke?? I really wanted some. I mean like really bad. So I understand where that lady is coming from. Maybe she wanted an Arnold Palmer and they brought her straight iced tea instead??

*~Dani~* said...

Jennifer - well, I am pretty sure her beverage was not nonalocholic. Maybe they ran out of diet coke because everyone is drinking it these days? Poor calorie laden drinks sitting there untouched.

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