Monday, September 06, 2010

The Art of Laboring, Rescuing and Discovering

Well, it is Labor Day. The day you celebrate all of the hard work and labor everyone does by not working.  Wait. Isn't that every holiday?  We are certainly practicing holiday living over here.  Some more so than others.  This is what I came downstairs to find:

Why, yes, that IS every single animal we own lying on B.  B seems pretty happy about it right?  Care to take a closer look?

Chester wants to help him play video games.

Jersey cannot really fit on B but she does a damn good job of taking up most of the rest of the couch!

And see that one right there? The cute little fuzz ball all curled up under B's arm?  Also known as Brad?  Yes, he ESCAPED AGAIN THE OTHER NIGHT.  Escaped. Again.  Is escape the right word when he basically walked through an open door?  Maybe not.  However, B found all three of the cats outside and managed to get them all (Chester ran right inside without any real prodding, Mooch was found under the car), except for B who made a mad leap on to a fence which he then used as his own vaulting mat to sail off into the front yard and disappear before B got there.  

Why, yes, B was not thrilled to be awakened at 3:30 a.m. that night, two hours before he awakes for work, to hear my flying down the stairs screaming "I WILL SAVE YOU BRAD!!!".  What can I say? I heard a major streetcat fight and my little B was not going to get hurt.  

Never did find the cat fight. Or a flashlight for that matter.  Brad, however, was sitting on the steps when B awoke in the morning.  Is there such a thing as a cat crate? We need a cat crate for that one.

A family reunited.

In other news, B was late coming home from work today because he found a gun in the street. Yes, a GUN just lying in the STREET.  A gun with a full clip.  We are so gangsta' around here that we use words like "clip."  So he dutifully took it to the police station who asked him why he didn't call 911.  Can you imagine that call?

B: Yes, I would like to report a gun in the street.
Police: Is anyone holding it?
B: No, it is just lying there.
Police: Is anyone dead.
B: Not that I can see.
Police: Well, just bring that shit in.

Happy Labor Day everyone! May your animals remain prisoners and may your streets remain free from guns!

UPDATE: For those inquiring minds, B would like to report he is not a dumbass. He picked up the gun with his sweatshirt and the clip with his hat. No fingerprints.

8 important things being said:

j'lynn said...

Happy Labor Day to y'all too!

Daym....a gun & a magazine?! That is crazy!! Leave to you guys to come across such a thing! LOL

Jennifer said...

LOL. I was also worried about the fingerprints. Wouldn't want to have your prints all over a murder weapon. And how random that he found a gun in the street. That is so not normal.

*~Dani~* said...

jlynn - not us, just B. He is the kind of random weirdness on the street.

Jennifer - everyone was concerned. Crisis adverted although my Dad said he should have used a pencil. CSI all around us.

Anonymous said...

My fingerprints won't be found anywhere on the gun or magazine. I didn't really have the time to find a pencil (it was probably next to the flashlight) but my sweatshirt and hat did the trick picking it up.

The clip was out of the gun. I don't know many people who could pick that up with a pencil.

Also, and you may have already guessed this, but it was in kind of a high crime area. I didn't want to take too long putzing around.

Jennifer said...

So you are driving your car and just see a gun laying in the street? And you stop in the middle of the road in well, umm, a "high crime area" and pick it up? I would have gotten the hell out of dodge and called the po-po as I was flying down the street.

Anonymous said...

should this post be under CRIME WATCH WEDNESDAY?

mandatorybloghere said...

lol @ not a dumbass that made me laugh out loud probably because i scream those same words at least twice a day to someone

*~Dani~* said...

Anonymous - I am pretty sure no one was suggesting you pick up the clip with a pencil, but perhaps the gun. I, for one, am glad you didn't putz around and am not revoking your hero card. Yet.

Jennifer - B has the eagle eye and the heart of a hero. Sounds like a made for TV movie right there.

Anonymous2 - no.

mandy - that is because many people ARE dumbasses. That is a fact.

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