Saturday, September 18, 2010

When It Rains, It Pours Yogurt a/k/a If Life Gives You Yogurt, It is Probably Because You Dropped It

Things have been quite busy here in the Riddler household.  Life at the office is scary busy.  The trial did not help in the bit, especially when it took 7 days when it should have taken 2.  And I didn't win, so there is that.*  Grrr.

Also, I have been writing more reviews for Daemon's now that fall TV is picking up. They are also letting me review DVDs.  That makes for fun, but busy times.

So it really was no surprise to me that eventually I would be moving too fast to not pay attention to what was going on around me.  That was the other day.  I like to call it Raining Yogurt Day.  I was in a hurry, of course. Did you not read everything I wrote above?  So I grabbed a yogurt from the fridge before sending Jersey to her resting place. No I didn't kill her! Her crate. HER CRATE! Geez, people.  Well, I missed with the whole grabbing-the-yogurt thing and it fell to the floor. I picked it up surprised that it hadn't broke and threw it in my bag.  Then I noticed it was leaking. So much for the no breaking thing. I grabbed another one and took Jersey out for a final pee. No, I didn't kill her! Final pee until we returned home.  You people are very suspicious.

I thought it was strange that she was running around and licking my pants until I realized they had yogurt on them. Nice.  So I spotted them with a lot of water and was off to work.  Yes, I probably should have changed pants, but I am BUSY.  Of course that resulted in my turning on the heater in the car to get the pants dried, but I was awfully proud of myself because you could not tell what happened.

Yeah, right.

After running into the ladies room before hitting the office, I happen to catch a glimpse of something pink in the mirror.  YOGURT. ON MY SLEEVE. And when I mean on my sleeve, I mean covering it. Covering the jacket. Inside on the tshirt. How could I have missed this? And so I scrub and wet and all is right.

Until right before I get home and see more yogurt on my pants.  Seriously, I don't even think that all of the yogurt I found could even fit into the container that I dropped.  How do I consistently have these problems with food

I blame YOU mother. Maybe you should have spent more time teaching me how to eat instead of teaching me to read at 3. Priorities!

Speaking of priorities, Jersey sure has hers:

Yes, that was a rather lame segway to show you a picture of my dog. Were you expecting something more?  Look how comfortable she looks jammed up against that bookcase. I would break my neck. Of course, that is mostly because she had just gotten down from laying completely across me with her head backwards and in the crook of my neck forcing me into some weird C maneuver with my head in order to still watch TV. Yet, I didn't move.  Who owns whom again?

In other news, her legs still seem awfully long and I fear she is not done growing. 

I guess we will keep her anyway.

Today is our big block party in our hood. Stay tuned for an update. Actually, I don't think I told you about last year's party, so stay tuned for a double update. And when I say "stay tuned" I do not mean tonight.  Two blog posts in one day is a bit overreaching for this blog, peeps.

Happy Block Party Day, bitches!

*Well the Plaintiff only got half of what she was asking for, so that is kind of a win. It is not a victory.

7 important things being said:

sprinkles said...

OMG, I swear things like that could only ever happen to ME! Well, and to you too, apparently...

Several years ago, there was a yogurt drink in a bottle. I brought one to work for lunch one day and took the cap off. I got up from the table and when I came back, I forgot about opening the yogurt and failed to notice the lack of a lid. I splattered yogurt all over me, the table, a girl sitting across from me and her magazine. I didn't know what to do so I laughed. I didn't really know the girl I poured yogurt all over but fortunately, she was good natured about it and we actually became friends because of it. Anyways, yeah...when I was cleaning it all up, I too wondered how it was possible that that much yogurt drink could possibly fit into such a small bottle.

*~Dani~* said...

sprinkles - holy cow that cracked me up! I think I would laugh too. Really, what else could you do? Thanks for making me feel not so lonely in the world of spilt yogurt.

Baby Sweetness said...

dude that is a HUGE dog!

And I thought it was only me who had such food incidents. And was totally make shift about cleaning them up because "it's fine."

*~Dani~* said...

Baby Sweetness - that angle just makes her look fat. Really, she is only 50 lbs. I like that phrase "make shift". That was totally what I was like.

Annie (Lady M) x said...

What is it when you have an accident with yoghurt? I agree, you end up covered in more yoghurt than can fit in the pot.

I am having the reverse problem with molehills in my garden. The pile of mud that the mole generates, is never enough to fill the hole. So my garden is now full of craters. Bummer.

Jennifer said...

I swear, Jersey gets bigger by the minute!! Does she sleep in between you and B at night?

I spill food all over myself before work too. If anyone notices, I always act like it happened as soon as I got to work though.

*~Dani~* said...

Annie - that is always a problem I have too. You dig a hole but then somehow do not have enough to fill it back up? Makes no sense. Don't even ask why I dig holes.

Jennifer - I wouldn't necessarily say "between us". Mostly on us, around us, and on us. So heavy. I am just grateful for the nights I dont have an ass on my face.

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