Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sex, Marry or Kill - Dexter Edition. Which Would You Choose?

Hey Dexter fans!

Tonight is the season premiere, in about a half hour.  I, sadly, will not be watching it with you as we are in a fight with our cable company and the end result so far is no Showtime.  Go figure.  Luckily, I was asked to write an advance review for Daemon's TV and was able to watch the first three episodes of this season.  You can read my review here.

I think this is going to be a fantastic season. I liked what I have seen so far.  If you watch it, come back and tell me what you thought or leave a comment on my review.

On to more pressing matters...

As I was watching the new episodes, I kept saying to myself, "I LOVE Dexter." And I do. But that got me thinking - could I REALLY love Dexter? Like LOVE, LOVE? As in 'til death do us part?

Here's the thing. He is a serial killer.  But he only kills bad people?  But he loves doing it. And he only kills bad people because he was told that is how he should do it to avoid getting caught. If not for the code, wouldn't he just kill anyone without a second thought?  Therein lies the conflict.

Could you be with a killer if you knew he/she would only kill those that truly deserved it? Could you trust that person?  Would that person make you feel safe or terrified? I have my own thoughts, but would love to hear what you have to say.

So, let's start it out this way.  If you HAD to choose one, which would you choose to do with a serial killer?
  1. Have sex
  2. Marry
  3. Kill
For the ladies, it is Dexter or someone like him. For the men, it is the female version of Dexter who is smoking hot.

Take it away...which would you choose?

And then check out what Daemon's readers would choose here.

8 important things being said:

Jennifer said...

Marry. I mean, he only kills bad people... And he is HOT. That is what I look for in a husband.

And I think we both know the game is f**k, marry, kill.

*~Dani~* said...

Jennifer - yes, you do look for hotness in a husband and you succeeded. I didn't feel like typing f**k and didnt want to use the word, so I went the PG 13 route.

Sandie said...

That's a tough one. I would marry him, but then again I would need to know he really loved me, and as a sociopath I'm not sure Dexter really has feelings the way normal people do.

On the other hand he was an amazing husband to Rita. The only weird things were because of him hiding his secret, but if it was all out in the open I think he would have been even more amazing.

So all of this rambling to say that, dammit I would have to marry him too.

But I'm curious Dani, what would you do with Dexter?

*~Dani~* said...

Sandie - so tough! I am not sure what I would do. Like you, for marriage, I would have to be sure he loved me. But how could I live with the fact that he killed? Normally I wouldn't even think of those things but Showtime has made Dexter just so damn likeable!

Patricia said...

First three episodes of Dexter!?! LUCKY!!!

We don't have Showtime (as much as we want to upgrade, we just can't encourage ourselves to do it!) so I am missing it too. We'll just have to wait until it is on Netflix.

*~Dani~* said...

Patricia - yes, but now I have to wait to see the rest on Netflix too. It will be a long wait!

Andhari said...

Lol I don't know, tough question.

As hot as he is, killers just straight up creep me out. Maybe fuck though. He's hot lol

*~Dani~* said...

Andhari - I like your analysis :)

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