Thursday, September 23, 2010

You Know It Is Going to Be a Bad Day When You See a Werewolf Walking Down the Street

Today has been a strange day. First, B found our back porch motion light on and deemed it "suspicious". Then later when I took Jersey out for the second time, her floating dummy was lying at our back door like some offering. I deemed that "spooky." Jersey just peed and went about her business.

Then I drove to work figuring all would be well. Until I saw the werewolf. Seriously, I looked over at something walking down the street and said, out loud in my car, that's a werewolf! Of course it wasn't really a werewolf. Turns out it was a guy with a very shaggy long beard and shaggy unkempt hair under a Indiana Jones' hat. Did I mention that his shirt was ripped wide open? Well, maybe not ripped, but open. It was 7 am!

That is when I knew there must be a full moon.

Look it up, folks. Full moon September 23rd. I knew I wasn't crazy. Actually I thought I might be going crazy, but that happens often.

By the way, if you try to look up images of werewolves on photobucket you will inexplicably find a picture of a dog that looks remarkably like your own. Then you will think about how your dog is not a werewolf, so why would this one be? Then you will realize "werewolf' is probably the dog's name.

Now that's a mouthful to yell out.

Oh, and if you go tell your husband that you were looking up pictures of werewolves and found one that looks like your dog. He will:
  1. Roll his eyes at the fact that you just used "looking up pictures of werewolves" in a sentence.
  2. He will then attempt to look up werewolves himself
  3. He will completely disagree that the dog named werewolf looks anything like your dog named Jersey, despite this evidence:

They could totally be twins.  I hope that doesn't mean Jersey will be up howling all night tonight though. 

I need my sleep. 

2 important things being said:

Jennifer said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Jersey started howling.

As for the light, I would blame it on the cats. It was probably Brad. He seems to be the biggest troublemaker of the bunch.

*~Dani~* said...

Jennifer - I would like to blame the light on Brad, but then he would have had to have been outside of the porch and we all know he would have simply taken off until the following morning. Maybe it was a ghost?

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