Tuesday, February 03, 2009

And Then There Was Paint

So the weekend before we moved, I went over to the new house to show my brother and his girlfriend the digs.  At that point, they had only seen pictures.  We were anticipating the floor guy coming that day to start staining the floors so we wanted to get them in to see it before it would be impossible to walk on.  B informed me that we had to be there by noon to tell the floor guy what stain we wanted.  I suggested we get there early to discuss. Why, you ask? Because the day prior B and I picked two totally different colors out of the four provided to us. We were not even close.  I was willing to compromise, but was interested to hear that the floor guy choose four colors himself for us to review.  That floor guy is smart.  We both were able to agree on one color in about five minutes.  Outsmarted by the floor guy. Not that I am complaining.

And so the tour began.  Just as I did for you guys with the pictures, we took my brother and his girlfriend through the house.  When we reached Dani's big room, my brother inquired as to whether whenever we got around to this room we would leave the beams exposed or not. So I ask B what he thinks saying "pretend that we have all of the money in the world and can now do this room, what would you do."  Do you know what he said? Really?

B:  This room is LAST ON THE LIST.

Ugh. I thought we were done with that statement, but apparently not.  After explaining twice more that we were dreaming and not actually planning or binding him to any contract, B indicated he liked exposed beams.  I think B is just overwhelmed with how many things are actually on the list to take the time to dream about things that are last on the list.  Who can blame him really?

Now, as all home tours typically do, ours ended in the basement.  This is when B inquired what I had planned on doing the rest of the day. Since it was still early, I was not as sharp as I might have been normally and said something along the lines of "a little of this and that" while thinking a nap sounded good. Wrong!

I painted.  Yes, I painted. I tried to pass it off on my brother, but he was quicker than I (although he and his girlfriend did go get me Starbucks for which I am eternally grateful). And so it became that I ended up accidentally painting. The only thing we were able to do, however, was the laundry room since no floors were involved. I had the fun task of priming the bathroom that only has one toilet a/k/a the cats' room.   B was also kind enough to give me gloves and a big sweatshirt in case I was sloppy. I was sloppy.

While painting a basement may not seem all that exciting, it was fun to do it together and it did make a difference.  

Here is an action shot of B at work:

And this is a shot of a peep hole into the downstairs bathroom:

What you see looking in the peep hole:

The freshly painted room a la Dani:

Look at that white!

Now the real transformation is definitely where the washer and dryer is, but those pictures are on my camera and I cannot find the cord. Arrggh. Moving.  Throws me off every time.

3 important things being said:

Jennifer said...

I like the white! I cannot believe you painted. I never ever want to paint again.

Ruth said...

Nice paint job! That peep hole into the bathroom is a little creepy. I hope that's not last on the list to be taken care of.

*~Dani~* said...

Jenny - the white does freshen it up. I can't believe I painted either, but it wasnt so bad.

Mom - thanks! The peep hole is strange. Upon further inspection, it seems to be the size of an electrical outlet and there is also one inside the room. Who knows what they were for though. I think it is last on the list, though, because no one really goes down there and uses that bathroom.

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