Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Evolution of Our Bedroom

Sometime last week I posed the question as to which room everyone thought we chose as our bedroom.  Phishez guessed correctly! In fact, she was the only one to guess but that is okay. We chose the crazy drape room as our bedroom quite by accident.  You see, when we went to move in, B and his friend discovered that the floors were still wet.  So the bed was the only piece of furniture that made it to the second floor before the discovery and it ended up in the crazy drape room.  We spent the night in there and then realized the room was quite large for our purposes and that we could even fit our dressers in there.  So the room went from looking like this:

To looking like this after the paint job:

And like this after the dressers were put in and pictures were hung:

Yes, we still have those ugly drapes. We will have them for a little while longer as I attempt to get curtains and/or shades for the rest of our many windows. Ugly they may be, but they keep out the cold and darken the room nicely. So they stay for now.

Now, if you will remember, B made up a "rule" about the bedroom and laundry baskets. Clearly that rule was made in order to keep the room looking neat.  To that end, I submit to you Exhibits A and B:

Exhibit A - my dresser:

Exhibit B - B's dresser:

Who needs rules??? That's what I thought.  I told B I planned on posting these shots to which he exclaimed "That's not fair! You had to time to clean your area up!"  No, it had been like that the whole time, with my keeping my laundry in the laundry basket and hamper.  He finally acknowledged that was its usual condition.  Meanwhile, his dresser still looks like this with an occasional cleaning.

Maybe I should institute a rule...

5 important things being said:

Ruth said...

The room looks good with the fresh paint. And at least B closes the drawers now.

*~Dani~* said...

Baby steps, right? I am sure it will look much better with new drapes and possibly a neater bed with a matching bedspread. Baby steps though :)

Jennifer said...

Oh Mom, those drawers were not "closed" yesterday when we were there. They are so stuffed with clothes there is no way they will close.

And Danielle you should post a picture of the extra room you guys have...

Anonymous said...

Thats crap!!!!

I was set up.

I didn't have time to clean my dresser area because I was busy setting up yours.

Look at how almost level those pictures are.

*~Dani~* said...

Jenny - I will post a pic of the extra room soon along with B's office (which will take a much longer evolution).

Anonymous a/k/a B - Well hi B!

You were not set up.

And how long did it take to "set up" my area? And wouldnt the clothes and bag have been put in your area after you "set it up"? Color me confused.

I didnt even notice whether the pictures are level. You know I dont know such things. If it were me I would have just eyeballed it and slapped it up there.

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