Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Picture This...The "Extra" Rooms

Now that you have seen my office and the bedroom, I thought perhaps you should see our other two "extra" rooms. Well, one is supposed to be B's office, but he still spends most of his time downstairs. His papers, however, are upstairs. So let's start there.  Remember the back blue room with the mini me lock:

It now looks like this:

Actually, that table is no longer in there.  B is operating totally on the floor, with papers everywhere.  I liken this room to a war room where all major events occur.  All of the house planning and tracking are done in here.  It also subs as a mystery room for the cats as we usually keep the door closed for energy efficiency.  And you can't see it in this picture but the mini me lock is still there.  Why would you ever want to get rid of something like that?

Next up, the starry blue room. I am sure you remember:

The floors in that room were already exposed similar to the dining room, but needed a little sanding and shine, as evidenced below:

Sanding and some beautiful sun through the window.  And now:

Pretty floors, a love seat, a hamper and a laundry basket. Yes, this is where I store my clothes. Not on my dresser.  The cats also love this mystery room as it is usually closed off. The couch just made it up there recently.

We* have not yet painted these two rooms as they are not used often so, thus, not as important.  They will probably be painted last. Hmmm....or maybe the kitchen.

Just for kicks, here is a picture of B's closet when he first started using it:

Get that boy some clothes!! Actually, it is full right now. Know what else is in it? His autographed hockey jersey that he got for being employee of the month! I guess he gets more than just our kudos after all.  

Tomorrow's picture post will be the living room. Be prepared for a real transformation.

*Just so we are absolutely clear and credit is given where due, when I say "we" I generally mean B. With the exception of the bathroom basement, B has painted every single room that I have shown you, and those that have not yet made it to the blog. He has also dealt with the disposal (more on that later), the shower head (more on that later), the electrical outlets (more on that later), hung all of the blinds/drapes (more on that later), mounted the TV to the wall, and numerous other tasks that I cannot even begin to remember right now.  B is the rock star here for realz.

5 important things being said:

Jennifer said...

I like that you have your own room just for your laundry!

Katelin said...

aw it's all coming together! love it.

*~Dani~* said...

Jenny - laundry is often important you know. More important than the cats. Remember the old owners had a room just for them? Our cats prefer to think EVERY room is just theirs.

Katelin - thanks!! I feel that way too. Every day I come home it feels more like a...home.

Anonymous said...

So is the blue starry room just for you laundry, or have you decided to make it a huge closet for shoes, purses, and clothes. If so, I'm really liking the loveseat in there.

*~Dani~* said...

Jamie - the blue starry room is kind of in a holding pattern - holding my laundry, my clothes, my shoes and my purses. I have always wanted a giant room that could be a built in closet but I will have to wait. As for the loveseat, I am thinking of doubling this as my nap room. I can just imagine my laying on that loveseat with the sun shining in. I love napping in the sun!

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