Saturday, February 07, 2009

Renovate! Take a Walk With Me (The Finale)

We have floors! Glorious, beautiful, wonderful hardwood floors. See for yourself:

The cats checking out the new floors and new pad. To say they were freaked out would be an understatement. More on that later though:

In addition to the floors, the first floor TV room also got a paint job:

This is where B will spend most of his time as that is where the big screen TV will go. This room was one of the first ones almost "finished" so there will be more pictures soon:

We are really happy with the floors. Of course there was trouble along the way such as the floors were not completely dry when we first moved in resulting in half of our furniture sitting in the garage and other things being piled up in non-floor-being-redone-rooms like this:

That would be our kitchen, even though it looks like a storage unit. We operated this way for a couple of days so that the floors could dry and so that the floor guy could (a) come back and redo the dining room which didn't match and (b) redo the entire first floor edges which were not to our satisfaction.  This caused us to live mostly out of the storage kitchen and the upstairs bedrooms for a week.  Part disaster and part adventure.

Meanwhile, in the midst of this all, we changed which room was going to be our bedroom, my office, B's office, and the spare room numerous times before inadvertently falling into the rooms we landed.  So, do you think you can guess which of the four ended up being:

1. Our bedroom
2. My office
3. B's office
4. Spare room

from the following rooms:

Back blue room:

Green room (used as master bedroom by former owners):

Crazy drape room (not to mention the former carpet):

The bright blue starry room:

Note: If you are related to me and/or know what we chose, please do not ruin the guessing for others. You know who you are!

Coming soon to a blog near you - The TV room, B's workshop, our first fire, and much more....

Stay tuned.

6 important things being said:

Jennifer said...

It looks fabulous!!! And you have me wondering about the rooms now! Even though we iChatted the other day and you were in your office, I am still confused.

Ruth said...

The house looks great! I thought I knew which rooms you chose, but now I'm not sure. Have the cats settled in?

*~Dani~* said...

Jenny - you are hilarious. You saw it with iChat and still don't know? Awesome. The reveal will be a surprise for you as well I see.

Mom - thanks! It is coming together and the cats are FINALLY settled in. Thank God.

phishez said...

I love your floors. Gorgeous!

I think your bedroom would be the crazy drape room.

Green room and blue starry room would be offices, and the back blue room would be the spare room.

How did I do?

Kacie said...

Wow, it looks great!

*~Dani~* said...

phishez - thanks! I love the floors too. As for your guesses, you were half right. I will reveal in the next day or two.

Kacie - thanks!

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