Monday, February 23, 2009

Live Twittering of the Oscars...Kind of

As I did for the Golden Globes, I decided that once again I would join my fellow twitterers and tweet the Oscars live. That is until I got locked out. Angry would be putting it mildly. Enjoy the highlights of my observations on Oscar night!

Right off the start, a quote from an Oscar nominee:

"if you have a mind and a brain?" Aren't those the same thing? 
6:59 PM Feb 22nd from web

The weird football like play of fashion, complete with drawings on screen:

The football like drawings on her legs is kind of creepy 
7:00 PM Feb 22nd from web

Is that woman in the background with the sparkly dress GLARING at this woman? Girl I don't see you being nominated for an Oscar 
7:01 PM Feb 22nd from web

not preparing a speech is now considered "organic"? 
7:02 PM Feb 22nd from web

well that is kind of rude "I heard you wanted this REALLY badly. How badly did you want it?" Way to make him sound desperate Ryan
7:03 PM Feb 22nd from web

Ryan will provide me with plenty of fodder I can see 
7:03 PM Feb 22nd from web

Yes, Ryan - Leo and Kate only exist in the movie Titanic. Good lord 
7:04 PM Feb 22nd from web

maybe we can get another creepy shot of Heidi's leg 
7:04 PM Feb 22nd from web

I really like Heidi's hair even though it doesn't look like she did anything to it 
7:05 PM Feb 22nd from web

"Red from the live carpet right here...." good job Ryan
7:10 PM Feb 22nd from web

I think he is saying that even though SJP could do no wrong, she did some wrong. Well you are wrong 
7:11 PM Feb 22nd from web

Mickey Rourke tries to distract us from his face by his hair and outfits. Um, not working 
7:11 PM Feb 22nd from web

SJP look like a princess 
7:11 PM Feb 22nd from web

now THAT is a statement necklace Amy Adams. Love it 
7:12 PM Feb 22nd from web

"freeze that right there" - it is LIVE. oh boy
7:12 PM Feb 22nd from web

RDJ will not win for Tropic Thunder. And he was good. You cannot beat a ghost RDJ. Even if you are RDJ 
7:14 PM Feb 22nd from web

WTF? How pure is Amy Adams? Ryan is an asshole with these questions 
7:14 PM Feb 22nd from web

This isn't charades Ryan. Learn to ask a question and not put them on the spot. Amy Adams has done more than 2 movies 
7:15 PM Feb 22nd from web

RPatts hair is just wrong. It is in the in between stage and is just wrong 
7:16 PM Feb 22nd from web

Okay Matthew Broderick's hair is WAY crazier than Rpatts. What happened to this man? 
7:18 PM Feb 22nd from web

Ryan wishes Seth was fighting his way toward him 
7:19 PM Feb 22nd from web

apparently there is absolutely nothing else to discuss with Seth Rogan other than his weight loss? Movies anyone? 
7:20 PM Feb 22nd from web

way to know about the stars you are interviewing Ryan. Marisa has had 3 nominations and 1 win. Not just My cousin Vinnie 
7:26 PM Feb 22nd from web

Ryan is a star stalker. Really. 
7:27 PM Feb 22nd from web

that was an awkward shake your hand, do a gang sign, college frat boy maneuver with Mickey Rourke 
7:28 PM Feb 22nd from web

how is it ironic to have your dog die when you are nominated for an award? Explain 
7:28 PM Feb 22nd from web

I love Diane Lane. So gorgeous But I always think of her on the staircase in that movie Unfaithful 
7:30 PM Feb 22nd from web

For once I think Jessica Biel looks hot. Okay, maybe twice 
7:32 PM Feb 22nd from web

I wish Ron Howard had more hair. He still has such a baby face. Adorable 
7:33 PM Feb 22nd from web

Run Marion! Ryan might be a stalker 
7:34 PM Feb 22nd from web

I would have never recognized Peter Gabriel. I still love his songs though 
7:35 PM Feb 22nd from web

Ryan is lucky she is wearing a perfume. Otherwise he would just be creepy. Oh wait! He still is 
7:36 PM Feb 22nd from web

I wonder if Evan Rachel Wood is going to avoid Mickey lest the rumours of their wicked affair reignite 
7:37 PM Feb 22nd from web

Please stop screaming. Please - it is just Brad and Angie. They DON'T KNOW YOU! 
7:38 PM Feb 22nd from web

Ryan "tell me about your movie" which really means, I will interrupt you one second after you begin to talk 
7:43 PM Feb 22nd from web

What the heck is up with that hat Philip Seymour Hoffman? You look more than ridiculous! 
7:43 PM Feb 22nd from web

Marion thinks Ryan is an idiot. You are not alone Marion. 
7:44 PM Feb 22nd from web

quick poll - will Brad and Angelina 1 avoid Ryan, 2 be rude to Ryan, or be 3 be nice to Ryan. Hard to decide  [Note: #3 for Brad and #1 for Angie]
7:45 PM Feb 22nd from web

who was Angelina leading around just now? Certainly wasn't Brad for once
7:48 PM

stop with predictions. I want more dresses! 
7:54 PM Feb 22nd from web

What was that? Did Brad blow Ryan off and why was it not aired? 
7:58 PM Feb 22nd from web

RDJ cannot stand Ryan, can you tell? 
7:59 PM Feb 22nd from web

maybe ABC will do better with the red carpet. Hi HDTV I love you 
8:01 PM Feb 22nd from web

I cannot imagine calling Anthony Hopkins "tony" it doesn't seem to fit 
8:05 PM Feb 22nd from web

no brush off by Brad and Angelina on this channel. What does that tell you Ryan? 
8:06 PM

I didn't understand a word Valentino just said. I may have been sleeping 
8:10 PM Feb 22nd from web

Mickey just spit on his own lip. Kind of gross. Story about Loki? endearing 
8:12 PM Feb 22nd from web

Zac - slicked back hair. NOT GOOD. You look greasier than Mickey Rourke. Really. 
8:13 PM Feb 22nd from web

Miley has quite the deep voice. Opposite of her dress 
8:15 PM Feb 22nd from web

Sometimes Anne Hathaway is pretty, other times not so much. It is always puzzling to me 
8:16 PM Feb 22nd from web

I bet those briefcases are empty. Like half of the people I work with 
8:20 PM Feb 22nd from web

oh no. I do not like the bottom of Marisa's gown. No to pleats - just say NO! 
8:24 PM Feb 22nd from web

James Franco didn't look so happy giving that standing ovation
8:38 PM Feb 22nd from web

yes Mickey looks great. not at all creepy and disturbing 
8:40 PM Feb 22nd from web

perhaps open the curtains BEFORE the montage begins? 
8:41 PM Feb 22nd from web

I like these five past winners announcing nominees 
8:44 PM Feb 22nd from web

I get the feeling that if it is not about RDJ, RDJ is bored 
8:45 PM Feb 22nd from web

Goldie - your boobs need to be controlled. Really. You are not your daughter's age! 
8:46 PM Feb 22nd from web

I have no idea who will win best supporting actress 
8:47 PM Feb 22nd from web

WHAT? that does not seem right. Not right Penelope 
8:47 PM Feb 22nd from web

8:50 p.m. THE moment we have been waiting for Jen Aniston. Will she give angelina the stink eye? 

8:51 p.m. they don't even have pretty girls handing out Oscars. Is that part of the recession? 

8:59 p.m. slam against Scientology. Score 

9:00 - got locked out of Twitter for updating too much WTF? Since when? It was the Scientologists I know it. they are behind everything and I happened to mention them in one of my tweets.

9:05 how will the world survive without my tweets? I am pissed and told B who laughed at me for 10 minutes straight

9:18 watching the Oscars and seeing others twitter about it makes me sad. So does the boring acceptance speech for Curious Case of Benjamin Button

9:19 so was Hugh Jackman just there for the beginning or what? I haven't seen him since he stopped dancing. Do you think he is somewhere recovering?

9:20 - the Duchess? I wasn't even aware any part of this movie was in the running for anything

9:21 And then it wins for best costume design. I guess all of my predictions were off

9:22 I fell asleep. Acceptance speeches bore me. Where is Jennifer Aniston/Jack Black when you need them? Or Tina Fey/Steve Martin? Anyone?

9:23 That dress makes SJP boobs look huge. I am obsessed with boobs. It is a problem.

9:24 Awww Heath :(

9:24 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button wins for makeup. As it should be. Fantastic job. Never saw the movie but the pics were fantastic.

9:25 By my calculations, I cannot tweet again until 10 pm or after. Still pissed about that

9:25 God Amanda Seyfried has gorgeous hair. RPatts not so much .But he works it.

9:28 Thank God for commercials. I have to pee

9:31 - oh hi Hugh Jackman, where have you been hiding for the past hour or so?

9:31 Ben Stiller - love the Joaquin impersonation. Is Joaquin in the house?

9:35 - dude you are about to give an acceptance speech. Brushing your hair and not curling it oddly to the sides would have been a good idea. You look like you have wings. WINGS

9:38 B's love just came on - Jessica Biel. I repeat, she looks good tonight.

9:40 vented to B about my lack of Twitter (still!) and Penelope winning best supporting actress "boobs always win, especially if they speak spanish." I have no idea what that means.

9:43 how long can the Franco/Rogan high train last before we all get sick of it? Oh, 6 months ago. That's right

9:45 I hope they don't parody their parody. That would be tragic. And not funny.

9:46 i think the only thing Seth knows how to say is "Judd Apatow" I have heard him say it at least three times tonight. He knows where his bread is buttered.

9:47 you would think that someone that goes to college ahem *James Franco* ahem would not intentionally mispronounce the name of a foreign film. Think again.

9:48 black bowtie on black shirt on black suit. Monochromatic to the extreme.

9:53 Another song and dance number with Hugh Jackman. I don't know if I can take it.

9:54 Now it involves Beyonce. It is official - I CANNOT TAKE IT. MAKE IT STOP.

9:55 Wait the Grease song is involved. Just like that, I am back in. Love you Beyonce.

9:55 Twitter lets me back in. Now I just want to ignore it. Bitter much?

9:56 now those High School Musical kids? I am back out. MAKE IT STOP

9:57 wait! Girl from Big Love. Back in

10:00 still mad at Twitter and not tweeting GRRR

10:03 wow that first guy is really short (presenting best supporting actor). And I dont think I know any of these actors. That is sad.

10:05 Okay, I know Cuba Gooding, Jr. Speaking of stroke of genius - having him cover RDJ's Tropical Thunder nomination

10:06 Okay, I know Christopher Walken too. And this guy speaking but not his name. Two out of five isnt that bad

10:08 Of course Heath won. as he should.

10:10 Heath's sister almost made me cry. So moving.

10:16 why is that guy that bolted to the stage wearing that crazy scarf?

10:22 Tom Cruise does commercials now. Is that what it has come to?

10:28 I am totally bored.

and that was the end of my twittering/blogging and watching the Oscars. I did not see Best Actress, Best Actor, or even Best Movie.  Doesn't matter. I predicted correctly - Kate Winslet, Sean Penn, Slumdog Millionaire.

Now where's my prize?

5 important things being said:

Jennifer said...

I love that Twitter booted you.

*~Dani~* said...

That did make for the most entertaining part of the night. So, so frustrating.

Anonymous said...

Do you hate on Ryan as much as I hate on Ryan? Phillip Seymour Hoffman is growning his hair out for a part and supposedly his hair is really unmanageable right now. I saw him with the cast of Doubt on the Today show a couple of weeks ago and he would not take off the hat. Even though Meredith Vierra was bullying him to remove the hat, he politely explained about the mad hair for the upcoming part and ignored her. Sometimes Meredith bothers me the same way Ryan does.

Bloggers Bro J to tha O to tha N said...

whats with Diane Lane and staircases? I didnt see unfaithful...but she had some pretty intense stair action going on in History of Violence with Viggo

*~Dani~* said...

Jamie - was my hate coming through that much? Ryan is an idiot. No other explanation. He is supposed to be a professional. Ugh. I did hear about Philip Seymour Hoffman's hair and felt bad about my comment but left it in because it was supposed to be "live" or I was lazy. I just dont get these "journalists" or "TV personalities" that cannot come up with decent questions. It is only their JOB. Ugh.

Bro - okay, Diane Lane was not in History of Violence - that was Maria Bello. However, I just realized today that there really was no sex scene involving a staircase in Unfaithful but there was a hot one in the bathroom. Huh. Go figure.

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