Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Little B That Could, and Will, and Does...

When I first told you about our new cat Bradford a/k/a Lil' B* back in September, the real B told me that I took crappy pictures. He is right. That little kitten was a bundle of energy and it was hard to capture anything but a blur. However, in the week or two after, I managed to get some good ones. I can hardly believe that was two months ago. My how Brad has grown. These are all pre-growth spurt:

This is when Brad was still living on the back porch in quarantine because of his runny face and lack of shots as he was too young:

A curious kitty:

Naturally, we would do a side-by-side comparison of Brad with the fattest cat. We are mean like that. Although, we did not force Mooch to go through the same thing as Mooch would not come near Brad:

And for length comparison:

Eventually Brad made his way inside and has not left, with the exception of trips to the vet. He prefers the inside now and is still a curious cat. He likes to watch B on the computer:

Looks like they were doing important stuff right there. Brad also found his own mini TV to watch the fish:

He is like a child sitting up so close to the "TV" like that.**

Brad also found his own unique way to drink from the cats' drinking fountain:

He still drinks like that. Drives me crazy. It also makes the water dirty, but I guess the cats don't mind.

This picture is to show you Brad, but to also show you our old oven, the Ropermatic. I say old because we got a new one. I will post about it this week. It was going to be today, but someone forgot to charge her camera:

Look at that face. He looks like a little lion or tiger or other fierce animal:

That's our Lil' B. Now he has been in the house for two months and he is kicking ass and taking names. Those names are Chester and Mooch. For the most part, Brad rules the roost. It is hilarious.

At first we couldn't imagine another cat. Now we could not imagine Brad not being here stirring up trouble and purring in our laps. The perfect little cat family.

We must be nuts.

*I also call him B, Baby B, and Purrball.

**You have to check out this post about my nephew watching football. Too hilarious.

4 important things being said:

Living Dees Life said...

lol he is so adorable!!

we feel the same way about kai. i was like "ohmigod another cat?!" and now its like "ooooooooooh my baby guuuurl!!"

she needs to get herself fixed (haha like she can take herself to the vet) but i wouldnt trade her for the world!!

Anonymous said...

I love the computer shot - how cute!!!

Jennifer said...

I like that he runs the place now! Mooch is the biggest baby ever. Why doesn't he like anything? B looks SO little in comparison to Chester. Poor Chester, he looks even bigger than normal next to little B.

*~Dani~* said...

Blaez - thanks! He is getting bigger by the day! Speaking of getting fixed, Lil' B is going in tomorrow. Poor baby.

walkingonsunshine - that is my favorite too!

Jennifer - it is too funny. Mooch is THE biggest baby. Actually he is like a crotchety old lady. Chester looks even bigger than normal because he IS. That cat is a giant.

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