Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Only in Starbucks...Only in Vegas

Recently, one of my blogger friends and frequent commenters, walkingonsunshine, authored a post about the various people one can see in a Starbucks at any given time. Her post seemed very timely to me as I had just been to a few Starbucks and thought the very same thing. There are such a wide range of people in there. Although I am usually in and out, I am tempted to spend part of this weekend just sitting and watching. Last time when passing through, I saw the following people:

- an older couple each reading a different section of the newspaper
- a group of bicyclists complete with safety hats
- a young couple and their baby and the husband's computer
-an older hippy guy saying "One could argue that George Harrison is the greatest..."
-a law student studying at the same back table that I see her at every time. This time someone had interrupted her though.
-a middle aged gentleman reading Twilight
-young girls discussing why they were nauseous - hangover, lack of food, pregnancy

I have also learned that there is drama in every Starbucks around. However, only in Vegas would it involve two people speaking in different languages and one calling the other a liar:

As I am waiting in line for my new favorite drink*, the older couple in front of me takes their tall lattes** and head toward the couch. Right before that, I noticed a newspaper spread across the table. I seem to recall a smallish woman sitting on the chair next to the couch reading it. I only recall this because I remember thinking that I wanted to sit on the couch because it looked so comfy. The older couple takes it naturally. At that point the smallish woman returns and starts throwing out the paper

Man: HEY! You can't do that. I was going to read that.
Woman: Eet eez MINE.
Man: It is not yours.
Woman: Ce journal est le mien, vous l'imbécile! Les touristes américains stupides qui ne peuvent pas se permettre leurs propres journaux parce qu'ils gaspillent tout leur jeu d'argent d'argent!***
Man: {grumbles to wife}
Man: How rude can you be to throw out a perfectly good paper? LIAR

The French woman than proceeded to leave muttering in french the entire time. As she passed in front of me (I was facing the casino at a counter) she glared at me and said "Pshaw!" I don't think that is French. In fact, I don't even think that is a word. Isn't that just a sound? Did she just dismiss ME with a sound?

I love Starbucks. I love Vegas.

*Chai Tea Latte - YUM. I find a new drink every season or so.

**I am only this observational in Starbucks. That's a fact.

***I had to use a English to French translator to come up with that translation even though I had four years of French in high school. That is sad. My French teacher is turning in her grave which is interesting because (a) I am not sure she is dead, and (b) that was the example she gave us for accents "Accent grave goes to the left because you have to turn left at the grave." She even drew a cemetery on the chalkboard. Some things you never forget. You win French teacher! You win.

6 important things being said:

j'lynn said...

I miss my starbucks...hopefully someday they will come to my side of living...

Debbie said...

Man, I really gotta pay more attention at my Starbucks! Chai is great. Tis the season for fantastic beverages at Starbucks, indeed.

Andhari said...

Lol how can you get all those words correctly? You must speak good french. I only understand half of that, part when she said her paper is hers..you imbiciles and stupid american tourists? What's next? Wow you're great.

Should've observed more in starbucks next time. And now I'm craving warm toffee nut latte, yay to seasonal yummy beverages :)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about your husband putting his water bottle on something he thought was flat only to realize too late that the shelf was actually on a 45 degree angle.

Jennifer said...

You encounter so many weird people in the course of a day. My life is so dull in comparison. Maybe I just need to pay more attention???

*~Dani~* said...

jlynn - Starbucks needs to get with the program! Grrr.

Debbie - once you pay attention, you will never be the same. Chai rocks!

Andhari - I totally made up what I thought the lady was saying and then Google translated it. Even if my French was up to par, which it is not, she was speaking WAY too fast for me to ever have caught that. I have not tried the warm toffee nut latte. That sounds yummy!

Anonymous - it is almost like you were there with me! That was quite a funny moment as both myself and B just watched the bottle slide off and fall to the ground without moving. Good thing that nice gentlemen gave it back to us.

Jenny - you just need to pay more attention. Or maybe you are better off not paying attention and getting things done.

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