Monday, November 23, 2009

Who Doesn't Like a Side of Stalker with Their Compliments?

Sometimes people like to compliment you. Sometimes people like to sexually assault you. Sometimes the line between the two is awfully blurry.

Take for instance a couple of weeks ago when I stepped on to the elevator. There was already a a man on there. I smiled politely then went to my corner of the elevator.* That is when this occurred:

Man: You look nice.
Me: Thank you.
Man: No VERY nice.
Me: Thank you?
Man: I mean VERY!
Me: Um, okay...
Man: Not just normal nice.
Me: ?
Man: More than average.

{Doors open}

Now, at first, I thought this man was really nice. However, the more intense he got, the more concerned I became. I was not quite sure how to handle it. As we only had two floors to go down, I knew that we wouldn't be in there together long and I did not want to escalate the situation. So I simply smiled and said thank you as many times as I could muster. Once we reached the main floor and the doors opened, he was greeted warmly by the security guard and the janitor. That made me feel a bit better as at least it wasn't a stranger off the street.

After telling that story to a few people, it was mostly forgotten until I was leaving work one day recently and passed by the elevators on my way to the bathroom. That is when I noticed I was walking right by that same man, but on my floor this time. That is when this occurred:

Man: ....Class
Me: You have a class?
Man: No YOU have C-L-A-S-S
Me: Um, okay. Bye.

Look, I am a girl and I like to be complimented. I like to be told I look nice, even VERY nice. And it is nice to be told I have class, whatever that means. However, it is not nice to feel potentially stalked and/or that I am about to be subjected to stranger danger at any minute. So, gentlemen please note - when giving a compliment, be sincere, thoughtful and NOT CREEPY.

Meanwhile, I will be carrying mace.

*It is perfectly acceptable to go to a corner of the elevator if there is just you and another person on there and you are only going a couple of floors. However, if you think that at any time the elevator will be crowded, always stay up front, preferably by the emergency button. Find out why here.

4 important things being said:

Andhari said...

That's really scary. I would've not step in the elevator next time if he's there if I were you.

Jennifer said...

Who is this creep?? Does he work in your building? What do you wear to work?

J said...

Wow that is very creepy and definitely stalkerish. WTH!!

*~Dani~* said...

Andhari - I am going to try to avoid him in the future.

Jennifer - no clue. I suppose he works there. There is nothing for anyone to do in the building besides work there. Even the bathrooms are locked. Oh, and I wear a trench coat, red high heels and nothing else. Duh!

J - I know. Double creepy.

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