Sunday, November 08, 2009

Why Can't You Set Your Monkey Free?

A couple of months ago, when my Mom and I took a roadtrip to see some family, we also got to see performance art for the elderly. At least by the elderly. At first I thought their coordinated dancing was cute:

Right after the above, the man smacked the woman's ass. I wish I were kidding.

Then, however, I came to find out that it was all an act. Of course, I could tell that it was choreographed. However, I did not know that they came out and did the SAME dance EVERY weekend. Nor did I know that there would be costume changes:

Right after that above picture was taken my uncle turned to my Dad who was playing with a child's toy from the gift shop, and said:

If you put you hand in that puppet, that lady over there will grab her monkey.

Little did we know he was not kidding:

The moral of the story? I like spontaneous, well choreographed, dancing elderly people. I do not like well choreographed, dancing elderly people that appear "spontaneously" every weekend and who have costumes and puppets.

Especially those that are really not good ventriloquists.

Actually I don't like puppets or ventriloquists.

That's why we are in love.

*Bonus points to those that know where the title of the post comes from.

6 important things being said:

Debi said...

ROFL love the memories, that was a fun day - long and hot but a great fun day!!
You forgot to mention that the "other" dancing couple finally realized that was an "act" going on and she said to him, "let's get off the dance floor" ! and so they did...
You have to give them credit, they really are living life to their fullest

Jennifer said...

Are they paid for this or do they do it because they love it???? Those outfits have to go!

Andhari said...

Omg the whole old man just smack some old woman's ass is pretty much disturbing to see. But oh well I guess old people are "people" too and I should not always think of them as completely innocent graceful ballerinas.

j'lynn said...

LMFAO!!!! Were these people your family?

Debi, that is even funnier....that poor other couple who thought some dancin' just broke out and joined in the fun...


Living Dees Life said...

jay and silent bob strike back!

*~Dani~* said...

Debi - that was a good trip! I forgot about that other couple. Really there was no room for anyone else to do anything with those two around.

Jennifer - their love is payment enough. The outfits are just bonuses.

Andhari - yep, old people smack ass too.

jlynn - they were NOT my family. My family pointed and laughed at them. And also made inappropriate jokes. Dude, *I* thought some dancing just broke out.

Blaez - totally.

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