Monday, February 08, 2010

One Shoe, Two Shoe, Black Shoe, Brown Shoe

Mondays just aren't my thing. Are they really anyone's though? Does anyone wake up and think "Wow! Monday! Thank God!" Doubtful.

You know what makes a Monday worse? When you realize that you don't know how to dress yourself despite doing it for many decades. Because people that know how to dress themselves do not wear two different shoes TO WORK.

I wore two different shoes to the office.

And maybe I should have kept this information to myself, but it just so happened that I realized it while surrounding by a group of people and my gasp was so audible, I had to explain. I was too shocked to make something up. In that moment, with that gasp, I realized what had bothered me upon getting dressed this morning. My shoes didn't feel right. No surprise, right? They were after all two different shoes.

In my defense, they were the same kind of shoe boot. However, one was black and one was brown. Also? One fit nice and one fit tight. That was my clue. I chose to ignore it.

After everyone had a good laugh, someone commiserated "It happens. I get dressed in the dark all the time." Yes, me too.

Except the lights were on.

Just like when I wear my underwear inside out at least once a week.

But I don't think I will be showing anyone that error anytime soon.

8 important things being said:

Brandy said...

I hate to laugh at you but LOL!! That's awesome!

Debbie said...

Underwear yes. Even a shirt. But I haven't done the shoe thing yet.

Jennifer said...

OMG. Thankfully you were not in court!

Andhari said...

This one time in MONDAY morning, I was so restless I ran to my car and drove to class..only to realize I didn't bring shoes at all with me. I usually run while holding shoes to the car, not that time. It's save to say I missed that class.

I think everything should start at 10 am on Monday, don't you think? So no shock in the system after the weekend.

phishez said...

I'd love to judge you on this one, have a sly little snigger on the side, but I must admit, I have done this too.

Not only that, but my instant response upon seeing this mistake was to ask the people around me, 'Why didn't you tell me I was wearing two different shoes?'

j'lynn said...

Okay...I couldn't comment yesterday because I was laughing too hard.... I think I may have even snorted during my laughter.

Sassy said...

Ha ha nice. I have yet to do that. I hope it never happens!

*~Dani~* said...

Brandy - Laugh away. Enjoy my awesomeness ;)

Debbie - you are just one step away my dear.

Jennifer - yes, although someone at work told a story that involved wearing two different shoes to trial. Can you imagine?

Andhari - okay, that is AWFUL! Seriously, I have dreams all of the time about not having shoes on in places. I wonder what that says about me. Also, your Monday idea is pure genius.

phishez - you can still judge. Actually, no one even noticed. However, upon finding out they insisted I go show everyone else and tell the "story".

jlynn - this had to have happened once when we together, no?

Sassy - me too. If it does? DO NOT COP TO IT. You will be better off that way.

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