Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And to Think, I Was Just Singing a Song...

B just called to share the following story of a crazy car accident he witnessed. Luckily, this time he was not involved. Tell me this does not sound like it came straight out of a movie. In B's words:

I was stopped at an intersection two cars back when all of a sudden two cars crashed horrifically in the intersection. They must have hit full force because the one car went up the sidewalk, nearly hit a guy, hit the traffic signal box, which then almost fell on that same guy who was running away and finally crashed into the paint store. A woman with a bloody head jumps out of the car and screams "MY BABY, MY BABY. MY BABY NEEDS TO GET TO A HOSPITAL." Meanwhile, the other car, having hitting a third car which took off, is still spinning around in the intersection. Well technically it is driving itself in a circle because the driver of the vehicle has fallen out the door.

So I run over to where the lady is screaming about her baby worried that I am going to find a dead infant because I can see that both airbags are blown, but when I look in the car I see a 25 year old guy! I thought "that's no baby" at which point she screamed "MY BABY'S BEEN SHOT!!" Apparently she was on the way to the hospital with her shot son when this occurred.

Meanwhile, the other car is still driving in circles with two cars chasing it because there is a child (a real child) in that car as well. The two guys, however, are trying to run around the car and open the door to the car to get the kid out while the car is still moving. I realize that someone needs to stop the car.

I STOPPED THE CAR! Can you believe I ran over there and got in the car and stopped it? All while calling 911. Of course, it almost ran me over because fluids were leaking out of it and I was slipping. At one point I thought "I am going to get run over by this car, won't that be ironic," but I was able to get in and stop the car. I look back at the kid and he looks at me like "huh." Totally calm.

By this time, the cops have arrived. The guy who was shot couldn't tell them where the shooting occurred and they just put them in their car to take him to the hospital. Then his mother starts yelling YOU ARE GOING THE WRONG WAY because she wanted them to take him to a specific hospital. They elected to go to the nearest one.

As the cops sorted it out, I talked to the guy who had been on the sidewalk and told him I was watching him and worried about him the whole time because I saw the lady almost hit him and then saw the traffic light almost fall on him. He then said to me "I know. I was just standing there singing a song when a car came rushing right at me..."


When B told me he had a crazy story, I don't think I quite pictured that. I am oh so very relieved he was not involved and that no one was seriously injured. I am also very proud that he was able to stop the unmanned vehicle with child in it. There is definitely more than one hero in my family.

Note: B has requested that I describe him as a "man of action".

There you go.

14 important things being said:

Kacie said...

what the french toast!!!

B sounds like a level-headed dude.

Living Dees Life said...

whoa, that is an intense situation! and totaly like right out of a movie.

glad the kids good, the man didn't get ran over, Your B didn't get ran over and hope it all turns out well for the kid that was shot.

j said...

I feel like I just read next week's Desperate Housewives action scene. Awesomeness.

j'lynn said...


Way to go B!

Andhari said...

B is a superhero! WOWWWWWW. This is why I hate it when people just speeding like that in regular streets, they invent highway for a reason.


Matt said...

Man of action!!!!


Andrew said...

It TOTALLY sounds like something out of a movie - actually, "better" than a movie! We often groan at how perfect an ending movies have, but this one ended as well as you could expect, with lots of great story lines and an awesome hero!

Jennifer said...

B is a true hero! How do these things always happen to him??????


Wow!And no one recorded it?

Eric W. said...

Seriously! Who are you people?! I go to work, I come home, I watch TV, I go to bed. Maybe its me, but my life seems so ordinary.

Ronald said...

That Brian, what a guy. Well what was the song????

*~Dani~* said...

Kacie - I love it ! that is going to be my new phrase "what the french toast!" B is a really level-headed dude! A good person to be in a crisis with for sure!

Blaez - so intense and like out of a movie. I am actually surprised that there were fewer injuries.

J - welcome! it sure did sound like a crazy drama TV show, didn't it? I wish it had been videotaped.

j'lynn - that's what I said - at least 7 times when he called me.

lolita - B is a superhero! you are right about speeding on regular streets and around here a lot of people run red lights (as you can imagine from that story).

Matt - B likes your affirmation of his man of action calling!

Andrew - you are right. If this was in a movie, I probably would have groaned and found it utterly insane that so much happened at once and that no one was really injured. But in this case, I am happy it worked out that way.

Jenny - I guess B is just lucky - ha!

Ubermouth - welcome! If someone recorded it, I have yet to hear about it. I am surprised though since videos of these things usually turn it up. There wasnt even mention of it on the news! From now on, I am strapping a video camera to B's head whenever he leaves the home. I am sure he won't mind...

Wedge - you know us and I know you, so don't play that "I am boring and nothing ever happens to me." In fact, one of your stories is on this blog! Key word Winchester. The difference between you and I is that I write all of this stuff down as it is happening, otherwise I would forget it too.

Dad - you raised him right. I don't know if the guy ever said what song it was but if I had to guess I would probably say "Come on Baby Drive My Car" by the Beatles. However, knowing the neighborhood, it was probably more like "Street Corner" by Masta Killa.

Debbie said...

Wow! that is amazing!

*~Dani~* said...

Debbie - that is what I think too! Seeing something like that cannot happen often. At least I hope not!

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