Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wonder Twin Powers...Activate!

The other day I had a medical test performed that involved being injected with radioactive materials. The whole testing procedure is better left for another post. Rather, let me tell you what happens when your spouse finds out that you may be radioactive:

B: I didn't know you had radioactive materials still inside you! Why did you let me KISS you?
Me: Don't you want my radioactivity? Then you can be a superhero too.
B: I would like your superhero abilities.
Me: Well, I am not sure what they are unless they consist of being able to sleep for a REALLY long time, because I have that ability down.
B: Hmmmm...just so you know, I plan on using MY superhero powers for evil.
Me: Really? 'Cause I plan on using mine for good so how is that going to work if we are arch nemesis*?
B: [silent]
Me: That may be the end of our marriage.

*Does anyone know the plural for this word? When I say it, I say arch nemesisesis which clearly isn't right. Is there even a plural? Can you have more than one arch nemesis? Are the others just rivals? I am SO not superhero material.

8 important things being said:

Jamie said...

The plural form of nemesis is nemeses. Hope the medical test turns out well.

Andrew said...

Jamie beat me to it, but just so you're clear on the pronunciation:

n. pl. nem·e·ses (-seez) :)

Jennifer said...

Did you glow in the dark after this test?

fingers said...

I can never work out what the plural of Aristotle Onassis is.
Actually it's hard even saying Aristotle Onassis is...

Katelin said...

having super powers would be pretty awesome.

*~Dani~* said...

Jamie and Andrew - you are the best blog readers ever! And Andrew even gave me a pronunciation. Awesome! Jamie - more on the test later.

Jenny - no, sadly I did not. But I did feel all warm and tingly inside. Do you think that is a bad thing?

fingers - huh. I wonder if I have the same problem saying fingers is an ass...nope, came out smooth. *smooches* darlin'

Katelin - it would be awesome, but probably time consuming what with all the trying to save the world stuff.

Living Dees Life said...

where have you been my whole blogging life of me actually reading other blogs and finally realizing i'm not the only one who blogs???

dude. seriously. i feel like i am reading about me and my boyfriend... altho i can never remember our conversations well enough to repost them with acuracy, so i fail.

*~Dani~* said...

Blaez - waiting right here for you darlin' of course. The key to remembering these conversations is to right them down immediately, even in the roughest form. Honestly, I still don't get even half of them down. Constant entertainment in these parts :)

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