Saturday, April 18, 2009

One Step Forward...Thirty Years Back

Remember the double secret blind date guy who had quite the double blind date? Well, he started dating someone new, someone older, someone closer to his age. This is a big thing for him as he typically dates children. However, despite dating someone older and presumably more mature, he still has stories:

DSBDG: So, you know I have been dating that OLD woman.
Me: She is younger than you, right?
DSBDG: Yeah, but she is still an OLD woman. She is in her 50s or something.
Me: But you are still older than her, right?
DSBDG: Whatever. Anyway, we were out the other night and she told me that she wanted me to meet her friend because she thought I would like her.
Me: Wait. Are you still dating this woman?
Me: Okay, so she just wants to introduce you to her friends?
DSBDG: Well, kinda, but not really. She said she thought I would like her friend because she was my type and sexy.
Me: Wait. What? Huh?
DSBDG: Yeah, she thought we would hit it off.
Me: Like a threesome?
DSBDG: Unfortunately, no. I think just more of a side thing.
Me: She wants to SHARE you??
DSBDG: I guess.
Me: Um, okay. Since when did you get all Big Love and...ew GROSS.
DSBDG: No Big Love. We aren't getting married.
Me: Whatever makes you happy DSBDG.
DSBDG: Oh, I am happy.
DSBDG: Funny thing though. Last time I dated women whose collective age was 100, I was dating 6 at the same time.
Me: Um, you might want to check your math.
DSBDG: [silence]
Me: 100 divided by 6...
DSBDG: Oh. Yeah. Right.

Lock your children up. At least the female ones.

3 important things being said:

Andhari said...

I agree with you, "ew."
And what's that woman thinking??

Marketing Gurl said...

Ummm Wow...that is creepy! But quite funny. No, I need a new header...thinking of updating the look all takes time though...err...I am cooking all day today so hopefully this week sometime. Love, MG

*~Dani~* said...

Lolita - maybe she thought if she "spiced things up" he would stick around longer? that is, obviously, taking it too far.

MG - I must read your blog through reader then and forgot what your header looked like. I am thinking of updating my look too. Good luck with the cooking!

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