Monday, April 13, 2009

You Can Please Some of the People...Never!

Nothing like going out with the family to hear some harsh criticism of your blog:

Bro - doesn't like posts with a lot of words, didn't understand the post about the Googlers (thought the google searches were riddles I made up because yes, if I attempted a riddle it would totally be "riddle about two boxes three boxes two boxes"), doesn't like posts about cats (mind you I haven't posted about the cats since October except an occasional reference or Chester sticking his head in B's picture).*

Dad - doesn't like renovation pictures and I quote "BEFORE and AFTER - BORING"**

B - thinks it should be all pictures and few words and captions with the pictures, then added it should be all about him***

So according to these "fans" who think they make up 1/3 of my readership (they do not), from now on my posts will have to consist of:

Lots of pictures but no words
No pictures of cats
No pictures of renovations
All about B
But no pictures of B

Sorry, fingers, if this crew had it their way, I could only post more pictures of my pantry apparently. Good thing I don't listen to them.

And to end, I leave you with this scenario that played out at Easter dinner in public shortly after the above criticisms. Right in the middle of a story, my father says:

"And the sign said ACME Dildo Shop - big or small you can have them all, custom fitted"

...just as the waitress was pouring our coffee.

And Jesus wept.

*Bro admits to having not read my blog in quite some time. That is obvious.
**Dad NEVER reads my blog but just happened to read it on Easter because my Mom left it up on the computer purposely.
***B only reads blogs about Jon and Kate Plus Eight. That, alone, disqualifies him from all opinions.

Just out of spite, here is a picture of the cats in one of their rare loving brotherly moments. At least they are not making out which they also tend to do.

6 important things being said:

Jamie said...

I happen to enjoy posts about cats, renovations, and the contents of your pantry. In fact, I have been missing posts about cats. I had to give my kitty (also named Kitty) away because my allergies became to severe and I miss him terribly. When you post about your cats and their crazy antics, I feel a little less left out of the wonderful worlds of living with cats. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your unique and amusing perspective with all of us.

fingers said...

Good god...doesn't your family realise what an important piece of work your blog is ??
Your posts are the standard by which all the other waffle is judged...

Andhari said...

Blog is sooo personal.

You should write and post anything you want. People can either take it or live it. I personally thin you do a great job so far.:)

*~Dani~* said...

Jamie - So sorry that you had to give away Kitty. As much as I moan but our two, I would miss them if they were gone. I will continue to share stories of their antics and thanks for reading the blog! :)

fingers - you are such a delight. Now I want waffles...

lolita - it is true, blogs are quite personal. I just find it amusing how everyone has a different idea of what should be there or what they would like there. And thanks for the compliment :)

Jennifer said...

Well, I love your blog and that is all that matters!

And I really like the pictures of the giant cats.

And I know what B looks like, so I don't need to see his picture here.

*~Dani~* said...

Jenny - you are all that matters. That is true. We have plenty of giant cats around here too. That is also true. Lucky me!

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