Sunday, April 19, 2009

Stairway to Heaven

The walls are painted. The carpet is in. I am in heaven. The stairs are so much more quieter. No longer do I have to listen to what amounted to an elephant coming up the stairs everytime Chester walked up. He may be a fat cat, but the amount of noise was just ridiculous. It also feels so good to have plush carpet under my feet. The hardwood floors look stunning but I still like the feel of carpet. Maybe I will convince B to at least add it to our bedroom for those cold winter nights.


B painted. We went with the dark paint.

Then the workers came to install the carpet on the basement and hall stairs:

The finished product upstairs:

How about some Befores and Afters:







And the landing:

Finally, Chester demanded to be in the picture. He thinks the new hallway is good for his coloring. I tend to agree.

6 important things being said:

Kacie said...

Your house is so stinkin' beautiful! I am amazed at what you guys have done to it. You're certainly an inspiration and maybe you can give me some pointers whenever it's time for me to fix up a place!

Jennifer said...

I love the carpet! And the dark walls. It all looks great. And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, the giant cat shows up! Life is good.

Andhari said...

You did a great work. Carpeting is always nice and very handy when it's cold.:)

Debi said...

You guys are still amazing me, it just gets better and better !
I love the Carpeting and the dark color, and tell Chester that I agree with him :)
By the way ?? years ago today,you were a really big pain in the........but it was so worth it.
I love ya Beautiful Baby Girl xoxoxo - Happy Birthday

EP said...

It looks so good! The carpet looks like it would feel good on your feet (that's a major plus in my book), and it looks like y'all have made some MAJOR headway on the home! Nice work!

*~Dani~* said...

Kacie - Thanks! We could always give you pointers. And I say "we" because B is a large part of what you see. Not only with the work, but also the ideas.

Jenny - I am loving the dark carpet and walls too. My goal is to try to get Chester in pictures as often as I can. Bribery with petting seems to work.

Lolita - you sure are right about that carpeting! My toes love it already.

Mom - Thanks. Maybe you should come by and see it personally sometime. Can I tempt you with a garage sale day? Thanks for the Birthday Wishes :)

EP - the carpet sure is plush which makes me REALLY love it. Thanks! It doesn't feel like we have done that much but when I look at old pictures, I realize how far we came.

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