Thursday, April 09, 2009

Do You Want a Peep Show?

So, maybe the title is a bit misleading. This is really a peek show - a sneak peek to be exact. We have been cooking up some things for the upstairs hallway and thought you might want to take a look. These things, of course, include paint and carpet. Not all that exciting, but in this house we have found the little things make all the difference in the world.

First we debated paint with two different colors:

I leaned toward the dark paint to give it a different look, especially with the white doors:

B leaned toward the lighter color, thinking the darker color might be too much in the hallway.

Then we got a bunch of carpet samples. These include samples for the basement stairs and landing which we have also decided to carpet because of all the traffic the area receives. And maybe the fact that in the winter when it gets wet from the snow and slush outside, you can totally wipe out and fall down the stairs. Not that something like that happened to me. However, it was quite precarious there for a while trying to carry all of the moving boxes down without killing myself. I voted yes to carpeting those stairs.

You know what I kept thinking when looking at all of those carpet sample squares? That they would make great rugs for Barbies.

5 important things being said:

WedgeRock said...

Really? Seriously? Two days before Easter, I thought this was about those marshmallow peeps... Misleading, indeed.

Katelin said...

oh so fun with the decorating and renovating. i love it all. :)

Lazy Housewife said...

I like the darker color paint, too, with one of the lighter carpet samples. I get the concern over a hallway looking too dark, though, but if it's well lit, it probably wouldn't be a problem. Either color looks great - the lighter one looks like the color of my home office.

Jennifer said...

I think I like the dark color. Maybe. It's so hard to decide! What I really want to know is what carpet you picked!

*~Dani~* said...

Wedge - Happy Easter. I hate Peeps. I think they are cute and adorable but I cannot stand to eat them. Hence, no Peeps show over here. Sorry to disappoint.

Katelin - it is a lot of fun!

Donella - That was one of the things we were considering about the dark paint, whether it would overpower the hallway. The "reveal" should come this week, probably Thursday.

Jenny - See above. Come Thursday, all your questions will be answered. I sound like a reality show host now.

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