Friday, September 11, 2009

Follow Up Friday: Yes, Virginia, I Do Have Answers.

So, no one has asked me any questions about my posts lately. Or ever. That, however, is not going to stop me from answering some. Yes, basically I am answering my own questions. Just go with it.

Has B brought home any more garage sale goodies? - Virginia*

Why yes, Virginia, he has. In fact, one day on my way to the office I saw this HUGE garage sale on our street! There was a wide array of furniture and goodies and I was sad that I could not stop, but I had an appointment. Imagine my delight and surprise when I came home that evening to find that, not only had B stopped, but he picked up something. Behold the end/side table that is now acting as my mini entertainment center:

Have you purchased anything at a bargain basement price lately? - Virginia

Why yes, Virginia, I have. Take a look:

No, not the blank diploma! No! Not the bookcase. That used to be my entertainment center, remember? Look closer:

It is a leaf plate! I got it on sale at the grocery store for under a dollar!

What does it do? Nothing. It is called decor, Virginia. It also holds small items like change. At least that is what I claimed it did when B asked. Are you related to B, Virginia?

Have you ever seen a cat fatter than Chester? - Virginia

Why yes, Virginia, I have. Take a look at Exhibit A that was spotted on the side of our house one day:

Look at that thing! It is like a big fat panther in the grass.

A big fat panther with white paws. What? Of course I have a blurry picture from far away to show you the largeness of this feline:

He is almost as big as the recycling bin!

Who is the prettiest fat cat around? - Virginia

Chester, of course, Virginia. Take a look for yourself:

Who produces more garbage - you and B or your 90 year old neighbor who can only take out her garbage with a cart? - Virginia

Strange question, Virginia. However, I do have an answer. The old lady. Seriously. How much garbage can one lady create:

Hers is across the street, our is the closest. The neighbors one up us again! Speaking of neighbors:

I knew you would ask this, Virginia. Much to our surprise, they did. They also did it quicker than we thought. First the foundation:

Then a couple of days later - a garage:

As for the contents? They remained outside for a few more days for no apparent reason:

Were you ever able to get over your grief for the fallen sunflower? - Virginia

Yes, Virginia, I did. You see, even though that one sunflower died a brutal death, he left behind a full fledged family waiting to bloom. Here is a sneak peek:

More to come in a separate post. This one is long enough.

That Virginia sure is long winded!

*If I am going to make up emails from a reader, Virginia is fitting. It worked for Santa Clause after all, right?

**If you type a word, such as Virginia, numerous times, it stops looking like a word and you begin to question whether it is spelled correctly. Then you google it and find out you were right. Then you feel stupid. Again.

8 important things being said:

Jamie said...

I love the table in the first picture! Garage sale finds are great and you are very lucky to have a husband who also enjoys garage sales. Great find on the leaf dish! There is something about getting a bargain that makes me enjoy the item so much more!

Living Dees Life said...

i absolutely love your leaf dish find! its lovely!!

hopefully next year i will have sunflower pictures to share with you. BioMom is getting on the bus soon to visit from Nashville and she has sunflowers and said she's bringing me seeds to sow!! yay!!

Jennifer said...

This is my favorite post! It cracked me up this morning. I love that little table and that leaf dish. As for Chester, I would like to see him and the other cat side by side. I think Chester is still bigger.

Katelin said...

haha this post made me laugh. and that leaf dish is so pretty, definitely a fan.

Andhari said...

LOL "Virginia". You're hilarious :)

I like how green chester's eyes are, hands down...cutest cat. And that black cat is indeed really fat, can he move and jump walls and such?

fingers said...

What exquisitely eclectic taste you have there, Riddler.
The leaf dish is stunning.
You should fill it with lava pieces from Hawaii and claim you collected the whole ensemble whilst working as a location scout for Conde Nast...

Jamie said...

Don't listen to Fingers. Bad things happen when you take lava home from Hawaii. I considered leaving my swimsuit on Maui because I was worried tiny pieces of lava might be clinging to it and perhaps I should have left it behind. A month after I got home, I found out my boyfriend of six years was cheating on me with a twenty one year old cocktail waitress. They're married now.

*~Dani~* said...

Jamie - I am so lucky. If it were up to me to find all of these bargains, we would have barely any. And you are right, bargains rock!

Blaez - I cannot wait to see your sunflowers. I have to tell you, ours are now growing out of control despite the fact that it feels like fall here!!

Jennifer - The side by side probably will not work since the huge cat was spotted again and he didnt much take a liking to me. But more pics to follow about that.

Katelin - the dish says thank you and is happy to know it has a fan.

Andhari - I have not seen the fat black cat do anything but walk around and squeeze under fences which was pretty amazing actually. I doubt it can run or jump.

fingers - well, the leaf dish is made out of melamie or some other ingredient that I am sure is indigenous to some far away country. I suppose we can't all blog about how we "accidentally" tried to buy pants in the girl's section, can we?

Jamie - I love that you commented twice. Um, sorry that you have such negative memories associated with lava, swimsuits and cocktail waitresses. I must say, though, it sounds like you are better off. (That never really makes anyone feel any better, does it?).

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