Thursday, September 17, 2009

Introducing the Newest Member of Our Family...

Meet Lil' B. Isn't he cute?

Okay, well his real name is Bradford.* B calls him Brad or "cat." I call him Lil' B because he is so frickin' little. It is hard to photograph Lil' B as he is always on the move.

By the way, I recently vehemently said no to a third cat. Many times. So how did we end up with this one? Well he was a stray that my Dad found. Although he was one of a litter, all of the other kittens were killed. My Dad assured me he was the sweetest thing ever. He even let my Dad put a collar on him. I told him to bring him over for a meet and greet. Lil' B never left.

He is very loving. In fact, that is him trying to get some loving from me while I am trying to take his picture. As soon as he gets anywhere near you he starts purring the loudest I have ever heard. He loves to sit in your lap and be pet and will just look up at you content. Sometimes he pulls a Chester and puts his paws on your face or crawls up your neck. Luckily he weighs less than three pounds.

You are probably wondering why all of these pictures occur on our back porch. Well the vet told us Lil' B had an upper respiratory infection so he had to be quarantined from the big boys. As a stray, he didn't seem to mind. He had plenty of food and water. I also made sure to visit him in the morning and evening and play or love him. B (the original that is) would also go out and visit with him of which I was unaware (and after Lil' B became less sneezy and drippy - gross). I caught them outside one day like this:

How could you not love that face? Well, ask Chester and Mooch. They are not fans. More so Mooch then Chester. Lil' B was given the all clear by the vet and we have spent the last two days attempting to introduce and mostly mediate the three cats. Lil' B thinks things are great. Mooch thinks it is the end of the world. Chester is curious.

I need ear plugs.

Seriously. Mooch spends most of his time howling, growling, hissing and running away. This only causes Lil' B to chase after him. It is probably a good thing Mooch doesn't have claws. Meanwhile Chester stays cautiously back and watches/stalks the new cat. Lil' B loves to charge at him only to get frightened at the last minute and turn away. If the new cat is on the move, Chester will run right behind him. At one point I was trying to catch Lil' B who was running with Chester behind him and me behind Chester. Yes, we all ran in a big circle before I realized I was chasing a cat who was chasing a cat. You can call me Garfield. Actually, Garfield probably wouldn't chase a cat but that is the only cartoon cat I can think of at the moment.

Chester will come into the same room and will come near me to get pet if the cat is in my lap. Well, at least until Lil' B bent down and bit his head. Chester looked at him and made this pitiful little howl.


So for now, Lil' B is sleeping on the porch and only inside when either B or I are home to make sure no one is killed. Meanwhile, I am trying not to dream of the howls, growls, moans and hisses that are happening on a daily basis.

We are in for quite the ride.

*Lil' B's name is an homage to the street where he was found.

9 important things being said:

Andhari said...

OMG on that picture he has green eyes. How adorable :)

Jamie said...

He looks just like my kitty I had to banish to my grandmother's house because of my allergies. What a doll!!

Living Dees Life said...

i was very skeptical of having another cat. but joe insisted we needed a new baby and i got one for my birthday... oh the hell we had!! she had an upper respiratory infection as well and we didn't catch it or notice it until they were both sick :( it took forever for both of them to get over it. my boy and her. he had a hard time over coming it the vet said it was because of his age, he's over 9 yrs old!!

atfirst they were all hissy at each other and hated each other and now its all love and kisses. we got her in June she was about 6 wks old. she's already trippled in size!

Katelin said...

aw such a cute kitty!

j'lynn said...

Congratulations on your new addition to the fam!

Jennifer said...

New kitty is so cute and little! I love that they are scared of a tiny little kitten!

*~Dani~* said...

Andhari - it is definitely the flash. his eyes are actually the color of his coat. So pretty.

Jamie - you at least get to visit? Our Lil' B is a doll. A very loving one too.

Blaez - I am sure ours will grow too with the way he is eating. He has very quickly learned to dominate the house even with his only 3 lb size! More pics on that to come.

Katelin - thanks :)

j'lynn - thanks, but I know you secretly think I am nuts ;)

Jennifer - I know! It cracks me up how frightened they are!

Unknown said... know me so well!!! LOL

Of course my allergies have a little to do with that...

*~Dani~* said...

jlynn - yes, I do know you. As you do I.

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