Monday, September 21, 2009

Got Chocolate? How about some Macon?

Remember when I told you that my Mom and I had found a new place for Saturday breakfasts? Well, actually it is my brother. I am all about giving people credit, especially when things go wrong. Kudos J!

Anyhow, the last couple of times that we were there, things had been off. My Mom, who is able to make friends with anyone, had suspicions that the place had been bought based on prior conversations with some of the staff. Sure enough, one of our waitresses confirmed it for us. She did not seem happy.

The next time we went in, there was a name change, and our waitresses were no longer there. Instead of being greeted with "I put you in that booth with your coffee", we were greeted with "how many?" It was quite sad.

But with new ownership came a new menu. Big, shiny and bright. We looked over the new menu for no apparent reason since we both get the same thing every.single.time. (Me = ham and cheese omelette, potatoes extra crispy, wheat toast. Mom = ham, cheese and mushroom omelette, potatoes extra crispy, no toast). Reading the menu caused all kinds of hilarity. Mom first noticed something was amiss:

Mom (in a fierce whisper): Look at the top of the menu on the left. What IS that?

Me: What?

Me: Oh, TREE eggs. What the?

Mom: (giggling)

Me: I think they are supposed to be FREE eggs as in free range.

Mom: I KNOW, but that is too funny.

We then read the menu more carefully and counted no less than 12 errors. Some were typos, some were just flat out wrong. I have seen menus with errors before, but this was the worst I have ever seen. Below is what we found:

~Omelette with Chaddar cheese
~Consuming raw food can cause Foodbome illness
~with a side of macon
~Cornded beefr and hash (no that is not my typo but theirs)
~Side salad with Ramaine lettuce (sounds like an actress)
~Hamburger with Picke
~Hamburger with Cheese c (yes that is EXACTLY what it said. I don't know what the extra "c" is about either)
~Fish and chips with Tartar sauce (yes, please can I have some raw meet on my cooked fish)
~Corded beef and hash (in case you didn't want yours cornded, but corded).
~side order of Cattage cheese (they really have problems with the cheese descriptions
~Pie A la made (well, crap. I hope it is made. It will be messy if *I* have to make it)
~Got chocolate (that wasn't a question, but apparently hot chocolate. I only know this because it was in the beverage section).

After telling the waitress at least three times that we needed to study the menu after having already placed our order, we were through. We laughed so hard that it was difficult for me to type those words into my phone. I would have taken pictures but that would have been too obvious.

Despite the atrocious menu, we did go back. The waitresses were back. The food seemed good. The prices were the same. However, this weekend my Mom told me we would have to find another place, at least temporarily. Apparently our breakfast place is closed for remodeling.

I cannot wait for the Gran Opeening.

*Spell check LOVED this entry.

9 important things being said:

Jamie said...

I'm a bit disappointed about the lack of pictures? Please go back and take them. Don't worry about being obvious- they obviously aren't worried about how to spell.

Living Dees Life said...

wow that makes me scared to eat there... if they can't spell can they cook? *shivers*

Ruth said...

I want to see pitchers of the menu two. LOL

Jennifer said...

This is hilarious (I think I might have spelled that wrong - LOL). You need to tell me where this is!!!

Debbie said...

This is just hilarious! I could just imagine trying to type all that into my phone with a straight face.

j'lynn said...

Hopefully their remodeling includes correcting their menu! LMAO!!!!

*~Dani~* said...

Jamie - I know. What was I thinking? I promise to go back and take pictures if they keep that same god awful menu after the "remodel".

Blaez - the food was still good. I have low standards I suppose.

Ruth - love that comment!!

Jennifer - you spelled hilarious correctly. Hey - do you need a job? I know a restaurant that needs a menu editor.

Debbie - Heck, I spelled some of the misspelled words wrong while typing. Is that even possible?

jlynn - you know it wont. That will make it even more hysterical.

Brandy said...

Did they print the menu themselves? Because even if they were awful spellers (Obviously so) then shouldn't the printers proofread the menu prior to printing?

You should have ordered the tree eggs and asked what type of tree they come from. LOL!

*~Dani~* said...

Brandy - that would actually be my guess - that they printed the menu themselves. Although, aside from the typos, it didn't really look that bad. I would have expected it to look worse had they done it. If tree eggs are still on there, I am totally asking for them next time!

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