Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Harvest Day

That was the title of the text message B sent me yesterday. I opened it to find these:

Remember when he told me he was growing a giant pumpkin? Little did I know he was growing 17 of them, give or take a few. When I got the message I told him I had a difficult time ascertaining their sizes, so he sent this one as a gauge:

Much better than a beer can, right?

That was fun and exciting and I congratulated B on being an excellent pumpkin farmer. I thought about showing off the picture to my coworkers but got distracted. Once I got home, however, I realized I had something much bigger to show off. These:

Yes, there are some of those giant pumpkins just sitting in my backyard.

Look how big!

Look how beautiful in colors. Our neighbor who used to hate us and now loves us came out to say we should do a fall display or something. I was thinking that too. For once, I want to be the envy of our block. I want to the be the neighbor one upping someone else. Yes, maybe I am bitter.

Anyhow, another good way to gauge the size is with a big cat:

Doesn't Chester look thrilled there?

And even more so there. You know what else is good? Gauging it with a very small cat:

Can you spot Brad?

What about now?

There you have it, folks. B's big pumpkins. Isn't he a great pumpkin farmer?

Stay tuned for more gourd* magic...

*I still cannot spell that word. @#%^@#&@

7 important things being said:

Living Dees Life said...

wow that's awesome!! those are some huuuuuge freakin pumpkins!!

and thank you for the return email on the sunflowers!! i'm gonna go the "B Route" and throw them around and see what happens... we have alot of "blank space" and I'm just gonna go for broke!!

as for yours not having seeds... some are seedless... the ones BioMom gave me the seeds are harvested when the head dies, you pull back the flowers and voila!

i need to find "organic" ways to keep the rabbits and squirrels out of our future flower garden next year.

Katelin said...

wow that's so cool, those are some ginormous pumpkins, haha. hope you outdo everyone in the neighborhood this year :)

Jennifer said...

Those are some fabulous pumpkins. You will be the envy of the entire neighborhood!

j'lynn said...


Way to go B!! Where was he growing these that you didn't notice that many big pumpkins?!

Andhari said...

Oh wowwww now I finally see pumpkins. I mean, I see them in stores but I never know how they're planted and such. Those are really huge, your neighbors gonna be so jealous

J said...

I LOVE THE PUMPKINS!! What an excellent farmer!

*~Dani~* said...

Blaez - they are huge. I loved the email and I cannot wait to see your sunflowers. I think the "B route" works. Those sunflowers are STILL growing despite the fact that it is pretty dang chilly. And they grow wild which makes it that much more interesting. Let me know if you find an organic way to keep the pests away.

Katelin - I hope so too!!

Jennifer - we can only hope :)

jlynn - he grew them at work.

Andhari - we already have one neighbor who likes them. I think the others are too jealous to say anything right now :)

J - thanks! B sure is a terrific farmer. Maybe he can do that when he retires.

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