Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's Like If These Walls Could Take Pictures, But it is a Person Instead

Remember when I told you that B met the son of the people that owned the house before the people that owned the house before us? Tongue twister alert! Well, anyway, that guy stealthily (is that a word?) slipped a CD into our mailbox. Much to our surprise, and relief, it was full of pictures that those owners took right before they sold the house to the people before us. It answered some questions we had and was just so very cool.

Now I want to share them with you. It looks like I have uploaded the photos all backwards, so I will start with what the room looks like now and then show you what it looked like then (roughly 2004).

This is the back bedroom. This is not the most recent picture, but remember my camera died? I didn't want to give you the most recent picture as I promised you an update on our plans. Look for that on Sunday. Here is the next to recent picture:

That was before the floors were redone. And then after:

And then their picture:

Obviously the people before us just kept those same valances. It also appears that there was carpeting in there originally. Why the prior owners ripped that out just to paint it blue with stars and make it a cat room is beyond me.

Next up, is our master bedroom. Here it is after the paint and curtains but pre-carpeting:

Here it is pre-curtains:

And then their picture:

Obviously the prior owners to us kept those same curtains and that same carpet for 5 years. I am beginning to notice a pattern.

Next up, the bathroom. A little harder to tell because it is such a small space. But here is ours after we painted the walls white (instead of peach like the prior owners had it):

And theirs with wallpaper!

Next is the dining room in our famous pumpkin terra cotta color, or whatever it is:

And theirs. Love that clock and their table and chairs!

Ours again:

And theirs. Why couldn't they have left that dining room set?

The kitchen when we got it. Yes, I realized I haven't posted an updated picture as to what B did with it. One day.

And theirs. Look at all of that counter space! And there is no jagged cut in the counter like there is currently. There are four drawers, not ONE. I could go on and on.

There are more pictures, outside pictures. However, this was a lot for one post so look for those tomorrow.

Does anyone else have pictures of what their house looked like before the bought it or earlier?

4 important things being said:

Andhari said...

You decorate the house way better than them though :) I love how the rooms look now. But they do have beautiful dining room set.

Jennifer said...

That old kitchen looks like a dream. In addition to cutting the cabinet space almost in half, they removed those beautiful doors! WTF was wrong with those people? Wait, many of these questions could be answered by looking at their choice of window coverings.

Debbie said...

Oh I should have done some before and after shots of our previous house and its many owners. It would have been quite humorous. Let's just say toilet paper does NOT fix everything!

*~Dani~* said...

Andhari - That is funny. I see these amazing blogs with such creative decorating and wish I could do that. Again, a lot of the credit here goes to B. I wish I could take their dining room set!

Jennifer - I just cannot believe they did that to the kitchen. It makes me all ragey! You are right, though, their window coverings and um, the small hole they carved out of the patio so the cat they kicked out of the house could get in says a lot.

Debbie - isnt it a great idea? I am glad we have some so if we ever move, we can pass it along. Toilet paper as a fixer? OMG I would have loved pics!

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