Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Showoff: Blueprints and Baking Powder

Remember I told you B had plans to frame and hang the original blueprints of our house? Well he did it. He framed them and hung them in the dining room. He was torn between that room and the living room. Who knows, we may change our minds later as B finds more gems to frame and hang up. He has quite the eye.

So here is one on the left side of the room which is looking more orange than usual because of the sunlight:

And the other one on the right side which looks more clay like in color due to lack of light:

Here are some close ups of the blueprints. They were in rough shape with some tears. The place we had them framed at, our local Michael's, did a fantastic job of framing the prints so the tears are minimized. This is the front of the house:

And the back:

It is so interesting to me that our house has all of the same features and designs as are on the blueprints. Nothing has changed! That is what will pain me about replacing the windows. Although they are extremely drafty and there are a few I have to literally fight with to get closed, they are originals and are so unique.

Next, B went on ebay and found an original magazine ad from Better Homes and Gardens around the time our house was made featuring a baking powder and advertising it as being used in homes in our area. How fun is that? He ordered it and framed it:

And then hung it on our kitchen wall:

I love the idea!! He is a genius and I think it looks fantastic. I cannot wait to find (or have B find) more unique decorating items like these.

Thanks for letting me show off our recent decorating gems. Next week, I will show you the newly painted backroom and share our big plan for its use.

6 important things being said:

Jennifer said...

Ohh, they both look great! I love them! I cannot wait to see what you have planned for the backroom.

j'lynn said...

Okay seriously I love this!! Way to go B!! Maybe I should have him come down this way and do some interior designing for me! ;)

Very interesting and you guys!!

phishez said...

Very cool!

Debbie said...

OH my gosh!! I LOVE it! All of it. The orange in sunlight or lowlight, the blueprints against the complimentary orange, the black and white framing is so sharp. Even if you left the tears to show, that would have been a cool touch as well. Love the reprint ad as well. Great job!!

Jamie said...

What a great idea! And I love the orange color in the sunlight. It feels so warm and bright.

*~Dani~* said...

Jenny - Thanks! Eventually the backroom is going to be super cool. Just you wait.

jlynn - B is awesome. Maybe he should go into an interior design business. He is pretty unique.

phishez - hey, lady. Good to hear from you!

Debbie - the tears kind of show, but not so bad. Glad you love it!!

Jamie - where you been hiding, girl? Glad you resurfaced. Especially since you surfaced with compliments ;)

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