Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Facebook: Bringing People Together. Sometimes Two People that Aren't Married Although One of Them Thinks They Are. Wait...What?

It all started with an innocent status update from a friend:

"Anyone that found my husband, John Smith, as a friend through me, please delete. I have the wrong John Smith."

That's right folks. She friended someone she thought was her husband but he wasn't! Not only that, he accepted her friendship. And, they were Facebook friends for quite some time before she figured it out.

Of course, then the jokes began:

"Did you find a better husband?"

"You should tell him that he is not your husband. Do it on Father's Day."

"But does he kiss the same?"

Apparently, everyone in her family had a good laugh due to this. However, it would appear that the last laugh was on the poor wrong John Smith. You see, my friend badgered him into putting up a photo because he didn't have one and even recruited her family to badger him as well. And he caved! To a bunch of strangers. Strangers that thought he was related to them.

Until he put up a picture, that is.

Well, for his wife. The other friends and family members just thought he looked strange. Some kept sending him messages. I wonder why this guy put up with this for so long. I mean, even though I changed his name, the last name was VERY common. Did he just think he was related to them?

It makes you everyone that is your friend on Facebook REALLY your friend?

{insert spooky music here}

4 important things being said:

Jennifer said...

do you know this person? I am cracking up! Did her and her real husband ever discuss this in person? Did she think he was kidding when he said he didnt have a FB account? So funny. I believe I read somewhere that Facebook is becoming a great online source in obtaining divorce evidence. I believe it.

j'lynn said...

WTF?!? I don't even know where to begin with this... If he wrote about an activity the night before did she just think she forgot about it?!? This is so unbelievable & frickin' hilarious combined with a little sadness in my eyes....

Christina said...

crazy thing is - she lives with her husband and never asked him if he had a facebook page or why he didn't have a photo. So who is crazier...the man who posed as her hubby and accepted all the friends or the woman who doesn't talk to her husband in person.

*~Dani~* said...

Jennifer - I do know this person and apparently, judging from the comment down below, they don't talk much in person. I guess she never asked him if he had a Facebook account? I read that too about divorce. I also believe it.

jlynn - I have no idea how to explain the different activities they didn't share. Maybe he didnt write a lot on his facebook page?

Christina - I thought this post might bring out a comment from you. You are right, it is awfully sad to not talk to your husband in person but these things happen.

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