Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jersey Doesn't Like Amish People. Or Horses. Or Both. It Must Be a Dog Thing.

On the drive up north to the cottage* we ended up behind a car with a handicap plate. B has a theory about driving on the freeway behind people with handicap plates, but I will leave that for another day. Perhaps a guest post? In any event, as I was contemplating how to get around this woman, B alerted me to the fact that there was an Amish buggy ahead. Sure enough, there was a horse drawn buggy. It passed in front of the woman ahead of us at which time a dog suddenly appeared out of nowhere from within her vehicle and started barking furiously. B and I laughed and wondered what would make a dog so crazay about a horse drawn buggy of Amish people as as we drove by with Jersey barely even glancing in that direction.

That is, until we had to pass another Amish buggy, this time on the road with us. As soon as we were even with the buggy, Jersey let out a ferocious growl and started barking up a storm, much to our surprise. I may have shouted out something ridiculous like "JERSEY! They are AMISH!" As if that made any sense or as if the dog could understand something that involved.

Here to illustrate is Jersey. She went from looking like this:

Such a sweet, out-of-focus, crooked face. To this:

Ferocious! Too bad she was looking at B when that shot was taken.

Then she went to this:

Where are they?

Let me at 'em.

Okay, maybe she was just trying to get some air and crush B in the process. A 45 lb dog on your lap attempting to stand? NOT comfortable. Also not comfortable? Being jolted awake on a road trip because that same 45 lb dog has climbed over the back seat and is SITTING ON YOUR SHOULDER. Good times.

After passing the second Amish buggy, I pondered about the fact that the woman was driving. B responded with:

B: Perhaps she thinks it is weird that YOU are driving.
Me: Maybe. However, I wasn't born in the 1900s when such things were unusual.
B: Um...you only spent almost your ENTIRE life in the 1900s.
Me: Huh. Whatever.

So we let Jersey take the wheel:

Isn't she a natural?

EYES ON THE ROAD JERSEY! I swear that dog is trying to kill us.

Or maybe just the Amish...

*This trip has given me a lot of material. Cottage trips more often!!

5 important things being said:

Andhari said...

Why would people use a buggy to go places? Sorry I don't really understand lol

Anyhoo, cute pics of Jersey!

Andhari said...

Why would people use a buggy to go places? Sorry I don't really understand lol

Anyhoo, cute pics of Jersey!

*~Dani~* said...

Andhari x 3- welcome back, girl! I see you have been able to take a break from real life to comment. Missed ya! Anyhow, here in the US, the Amish community specifically rejects most electronics and modern technology (of course in varying degrees) so they still use horse and buggies. It is really neat to see, even if dogs don't like it.

Jennifer said...

What way do you take up north? Seriously, I must know. And Jersey looks like a scary beast in these pictures!

*~Dani~* said...

Jennifer - I think we take the same way you do. First time I ever say the buggy though. Also Jersey's first time I would think. Jersey can be a scary beast. She has a vicious bark. I wonder where she learned that from!

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