Tuesday, June 15, 2010

If You Ask, You Shall Receive. Unless You Ask for Something I Don't Have, Don't Want to Give or is Very Expensive...

Jamie requested more puppy pictures. I was happy to oblige although at the rate Jersey is going, I am not sure how much longer we can call her a puppy.

One of Jersey's favorite things to do is play with Brad. And by play with Brad, I mean practically eat his entire head in one large bite. The thing is, Brad does not seem to mind and in fact engages her and bites her right back.

Here we have Jersey pinning Brad down:

And then Jersey goes in for the ear:

Brad responds by biting Jersey's cheek:

And so it continues until Brad breaks free or we separate them:

No one ever seems to get hurt.

In other news, Jersey still thinks she is a tiny puppy that can fit into the cat bed:


Remember when Chester thought he could fit in there too? Well, hell, I am not sure I even took a picture of that. It did happen though! It must be a fat animal in a little bed syndrome.

Great. Now I have THAT song stuck in my head!*

*I am referencing the Fat Guy in a Little Coat song from that Chris Farley movie.

**I just realized there was an asterisk in yesterday's post but no explanation. It is a mystery, folks. Or one of those fill in the blanks books. YOU get to decide what the heck I was talking about.

4 important things being said:

Jamie said...

Wellll THANK YOU.. you just made my day. Jersey is the cutest dog. These pictures did not help my desire to get a dog but I still LOVED looking at them. You can post photos of Jersey any time you want on your blog, I will let you!

*~Dani~* said...

Jamie - Jersey thanks you for the compliment. She is wagging her tail as I type. I am sure there will be more Jersey pics in the future ;)

Jennifer said...

These are hysterical! I cannot believe that they play so nicely together! Jersey is so big now!

*~Dani~* said...

Jennifer - Jersey is huge and I think some days B regrets his decision to be her friend. Especially when his head is all wet!

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