Monday, June 14, 2010

Now That I've Got You on the Hood of My Car, Isnt iPod a Funny Little Word?

I recently won an iPod touch in one of the contests I entered.* Unfortunately, it was the exact same size as the one I already have. When it came, though, B thought it was a good prize and even high-fived me. I asked if he wanted it and he replied with a limp "I guess."

Later that week, I brought it up again because I only wanted to give it to him if he was actually going to use it. Otherwise, I could upgrade my Mom's pod or give it to someone else. So, at dinner, I ask him if he would really use the iPod and then it happened. The word "iPod" seemed completely alien and foreign to me.

Me: Isn't iPod a strange little word?
B: I don't know. Sounds about right to me.
Me: I don't know what happened. It just sounds WRONG to me. Before I felt that way about the iPad, but somehow that seems normal to me.

Don't you hate when that happens? A word you have been using for years, decades even, sounds completely alien to your ears in an instance? Please tell me this happens to other people and I am not just slowly going crazy.

In any event, on the way home, before discussing the lyrics of Little Red Corvette, we nearly hit a woman jogging. As B pondered why people jogged in the street, I pondered why people wore iPods while doing so.

Me: Be careful! That lady is going to run right out in front of us.
B: You would totally gasp if we hit her.
Me: Yes, I would. Yes, I would.
Me: Then you know what I would do?
B: What?
Me: I would say "Why in the hell are you jogging in the STREET?"
Me: and then "Also, why would you wear an IPOD while doing so?"
Me: and "Isn't iPod a funny little word"?
B: I bet she wouldn't find it funny.
Me: No, she wouldn't. But I sure would.

I wonder, had we hit her, would we have made the Crime Watch Chronicles? What would the catchy title have been? "Jogger is Singing a Different Tune after Being Hit by Vehicle She Couldn't Hear?"

Isn't tune a funny little word...

7 important things being said:

j'lynn said...

Did you know that they now have apps for BarBri for ipod touches???

Signed your favorite soon to be BarBri studying fool!! :D


*~Dani~* said...

jlynn - Actually I think I just read that on Corporette. Pretty cool! Although you might need glasses after that. It is bad enough reading books, let alone a tiny iPod. :)

saratogajean said...

On the marine base in the next town over, it is forbidden to jog outside while listening to an iPod/other such device.

I think people just need to exercise some freakin' common sense - pay attention to your surroundings! Do you really want "Party in the USA" to be the last thing you hear on this earth? Or, God forbid, the song the EMTs find you listening to as they load you into the ambulance?

j'lynn said...

I already have glasses & it is all good Dani. No need to feel guilty should you decide to hand that over to me to assist with my future career. hehehe

*~Dani~* said...

saratoga jean - that is such a good rule! Seriously, dont you want to HEAR when you are near cars. Insanity. I never thought about a last song but your "Party in the USA" reminded me of Eddie Murphy's "Party All the Time" - remember that gem?

jlynn - not sure I can get it from B at this point. I will just have to win one for you by graduation time! Sounds like a plan to me.

Jennifer said...

I understand the rules on the marine base. I would be so distracted by looking at all those hot marines that I would be in enough trouble already.

*~Dani~* said...

Jennifer - hot marines are way more of an impediment than an iPod!

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