Monday, June 21, 2010

Pay It Forward 3: It's B's Turn, but Someone Almost Does Die. Charity is Hard.

This weekend was B's turn to pay it forward. Unfortunately, things did not go as smooth for him as the two times I paid it forward. In fact, at some point, I think B regretted his decision to pay it forward and, if possible, would have paid it back. Probably with a swift smack upside someone's head. But I digress.

We were up north at our cottage retreat and decided to take a break from watching Jersey in the lake to get some dinner. We pulled up to the hamburger joint in town, also known as the bar. Side note: Everyone goes to the bar. Even the babies. And that reminds me of the movie Sweet Home Alabama where Reese Witherspoon says to her friend "You have a BABY. In a BAR." I love me some Reese.

I digress again.

So we pull up and to our surprise there is a front row parking spot. As quick as we could yell "SCORE", we were in the spot and I was out the door. At that moment, B motioned to me to get back in the car. A guy asked him to leave the spot because he had his mom with him and she was elderly. So B decided to pay it forward and give them the spot.

Not as easy as it sounds. We started to back up. A car stopped for us, or we thought. As we backed up, the car started honking. I started yelling. B started cursing and threatening to just "take the damn spot back." But all was well. Stupid car kept driving. We found a spot a half a block away. Man and old mom parked really close. I told B he should feel good and he did. The guy thanked him profusely and we went in for a burger.

And as we sat in the bar, eating burgers and ruminating about how many babies were in a bar, the waitress came over with a beer for B. The guy with the mom also paid it forward.

So the cycle continues...

4 important things being said:

j'lynn said...

This is so awesome of B & of course it would totally go down this way for him. Ha!!

I love me some Reese too & I love that movie!!! Baby in a

Loving it!!!! :) Keep it going guys....

*~Dani~* said...

jlynn - Yep. Leave it to B! We are going to try (well, at least I will. B's might be accidental).

Jennifer said...

The guy with the mom paid it back really. It is all very confusing.

As for this bar, did you know they didnt use real plates? I had forgotten all about this until last year when we went there to watch a game (without our baby).

*~Dani~* said...

Jennifer - you are right, the guy did pay it back after B paid it forward? I dont know. Math is hard. I also forgot they didn't use real plates. After they brought me my burger though I thought about what low overhead they must have. Unless paper bags are expensive? Business is hard.

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