Monday, December 07, 2009

Damaged, Dodged, Deposed, Discussed a/k/a Things I Did Last Week

Last week flew by and I barely posted. This caused me to stop and think about what I did all week:

  1. Totally wiped out my computer at work with some spyware.
  2. Became the office joke for wiping out said computer ("maybe you shouldn't surf for PORN")
  3. Tried to explain I was really just using an online translator ("yeah for the PORN")*
  4. Tried to figure out how to work for the next three days without a computer (how does one answer emails, bill time, generate documents, and review what's been done previously on a file without a computer? It was like living in the dark ages - pen, paper and my brain only. I barely survived!)
  5. Tried to avoid the sickness plague that took over our office. Seriously, they were dropping like flies. One day we had four people leave early while another 7 were already out. By Friday we were down to just a few. I did not stick around.
  6. Spent four and a half hours in deps on Tuesday. No break. No lunch. VERY crabby!
  7. Spent four hours in court on Friday. No break. No lunch. VERY VERY crabby!!
  8. Took a deposition of a surgeon and watched my opponent attempt to rip him to shreds, only to ask him after the dep if he would treat him for his carpal tunnel.
  9. Discussed Tiger Woods. A lot.
  10. Came home to numerous boxes and packages on our porch. I love online Christmas shopping.
  11. Thought about plans for exciting new things for the blog next year.**
  12. Cleaned, straightened, grocery shopped, meal planned, and strategized for our housewarming/holiday party.***
  13. Watched B put finishing touches on different parts of the house for said party.
  14. Finally, got to sleep in on Saturday.

I expect this week to be less hectic with more posting. Let's see if it shakes out that way.

*Obviously, the most important thing in watching porn is being able to understand what is being said. Actions be damned - the dialogue is all that matters!

**Are you intrigued? Excited? Curious? Are you even paying attention???

***Party post to come soon although I ended up not taking a lot of pictures. Boo on me!

5 important things being said:

Debi said...

*Obviously, the most important thing in watching porn is being able to understand what is being said. Actions be damned - the dialogue is all that matters!

Hmmm, we apparently do not watch the same porn - do they even have dialogue --LOL

**Are you intrigued? Excited? Curious? Are you even paying attention???

I am Intrigued, I am Excited, tho I know some of what's up, Curious as to when you will get it together (finding time), so yes I was paying attention :-)

***Party post to come soon although I ended up not taking a lot of pictures. Boo on me!

Boo is right...since I was on the "too old" to come list, I was at leaste expecting pictures of what I missed !

That is all......Carry on

Brandy said...

How did you know I watch porn for the bad acting?!

I'm definitely intrigued cause I don't even know what I'll post tomorrow much less any future plans for my blog. [:

Jennifer said...

I NEED to know what the new changes to the blog will be. I am very excited!!!

I did not see one picture being taken at that party. But I am looking forward to seeing them on the blog.

As for the porn, well, what you do at work is your business. And maybe your IT guy's business. And the boss' business. But carry on with the porn watching. LOL.

j'lynn said...

1. I find it very odd that your mom and I seem to watch the same porn! LOL

2. I am very intrigued, excited & paying attention! I'm a bit shocked that you didn't think we all would be paying attention! hehe

3. I'm impressed with the fact that you even thought to take any pictures during your party! :) And can't wait to hear/see all about what I missed!

4. I was very disappointed to see that having a quickie lunch on Thursday didn't make your highlights reel! LMAO

5. I would have been even more disappointed if I wouldn't have been sidelined with a sinus infection, made it to your party only to find out your mom had been sidelined for being "too old" to come to the party!

6. I would like to clarify that my #4 has nothing to do with your porn, your mom's porn or my porn and just a greasy ol' burger!

7. I am curious as to the computer wipe-out, did your IT guy tell you to call the helpdesk, because that is all my IT guy does... I also wonder if my IT guy would even know if I were watching porn or if he would just tell me to call the helpdesk about glitches in the system!

Love to ya D!! :D

*~Dani~* said...

Debi - That's what I said! Who watches porn for dialogue? Really. As for the rest, I will probably never get everything together or find the time, but I will try. Never fear, there are *some* pictures of the party. Very few though :(

Brandy - I barely know what I will post day to day. I am trying to change that.

Jenny - you will probably know sooner than others. I will always need guinea pigs, I mean input. Pictures were not taken while you were there. I know you are relieved. Oh, and I dont think we have an IT guy. Score!

jlynn - I also find it odd that you and my Mom watch the same kind of porn. Or that my Mom watches porn. Or that I have typed porn so much. Dont be too shocked about the pictures. There aren't that many. As for the porn, I had to call our offsite IT people. They then had to take away my computer for TWO DAYS. Unbelievable.


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