Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Got Someone Fired on Christmas Even Though I Don't Have that Power, But She Didn't Know that a/k/a BagelGate 2009

Fridays in our office are Casual Day. If you are not meeting with clients or in court, you can wear jeans. Unfortunately, I do not get to partake a lot because I am usually in court. Hence, Fridays seem to be Dani Wears a Suit Day. Not as exciting or as comfortable.

Fridays are also Bagel Day. One person is the designated bagel person. Usually I do not have my first pick in bagels and end up taking whatever is left over, or nothing at all. That would be because I am in court. However, when I am there for jeans and bagels? I call that heaven.

So last week we knew there would be a skeleton crew on Christmas Eve. For some reason we were going to be open all day (that later changed to 3 pm). I was only going in until lunch and because of lunch, which I had scheduled for just a few miles from the office. When the email came asking for a head count for people that would be in the office for Bagel Day, I replied right away.

Christmas Eve became my heaven.

I got there bright and early at 8 am (well for Christmas Eve that is bright and early) and began telling everyone how excited I was for my bagel. S was excited too. Then at 9 I began to complain that I was starving. After all, I didn't eat breakfast in anticipation of this bagel. Then at 9:10 I heard there would be no bagel because the bagel person claimed no one responded to the email.

Christmas was RUINED!

I went to my sent box and the email was there. S claimed she sent one too. We grabbed our coats and on the way out to the bagel place, we made a stop at the Bagel Person's office:

BP: I am sorry
BP: Only 5 people responded, so....
Me: Wait...huh? WHAT?
BP: There wasn't a big response...
BP: Do you want some of my candy bar?

And so I got a bagel. A much better bagel actually than I would have had if the person had come through. Of course, the better bagel required me to put on my coat, go outside, DRIVE to the bagel place and waste what little time I had planned on spending in the office. So, there was that.

Also? 5 people? That IS A RESPONSE! If you ask "how many people will be in so I know how many people to buy bagels for" and 5 people respond, BUY FIVE BAGELS. At the very least, email those 5 people and tell them they are on their own. That way maybe the will not rely on your bagel. Maybe they will eat breakfast.

Lesson here? The bagel you buy could save your job.

Another lesson? Buy your own damn bagel!

*No actual people were fired in BagelGate 2009. I do not have that kind of power.**

**Even if I had that power, I probably wouldn't fire someone over BagelGate 2009.***

***But I might really want to.

6 important things being said:

Brandy said...

Is she saying that 5 people don't count? Cause they do & those 5 people wanted breakfast!

I think she just didn't want to go out in the cold to get bagels. May her bagels always be cold & moldy from now on.

Debbie said...

Nothing worse than planning for breakfast at the office, only to find out it didn't happen. Of course, there's also the time I forget, eat breakfast at home, then eat a second breakfast at work. That's just as bad.

Living Dees Life said...

When I worked at the engineering firm me and my former roomate and former coworker (i was laid off due to cutbacks) were the bagel and cake ladies. Every month we had a HUGE meeting our monthly meetings with everyone in the company. We bought tons of bagels of all sorts of flavors and varieties PLUS we had CAKE on that day. Whoever had a birthday that month got to pick out the cake. It was so much heaven!! And we got to have casual fridays too. I miss wearing jeans to work.

Having been the bagel lady i know how important it is to make sure you have bagels... your bagel lady is lucky she didn't get mauled :)

*~Dani~* said...

Brandy - apparently they dont. Speaking as 1 of the 5 (well actually I can speak for S too, and D, and M). WE COUNT! I like your special made curse for the bagel person.

Debbie - no breakfast = grumpiness. And I cannot tell you how many double breakfasts I have had. Such poor planning. Such bad calories.

Blaez - you can be my bagel person anytime. That would probably be a demotion for you, but whatever. Bagels are serious. So are bluejeans. Bagles and bluejeans make the world go round.

Jennifer said...

That is so rude. I would have fired her ass too. She (or he or it) should have gotten those bagels! Speaking of bagels, I could go for one now.

*~Dani~* said...

Jenny - only you would crave a bagel at 11 pm!

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