Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Tale of Two Jerseys

As you are aware, about two weeks ago, Jersey became a part of our family and we loved her immediately. She was CUTE, playful, and rather well behaved for a two month old puppy. B was in his glory having found a couch buddy:

And Jersey was definitely a Daddy's Girl - always going to B, running when she heard him coming in the door, and just loving him (even when he looks EVIL - tell me he doesn't look eveil here):

Mooch maintained a watchful distance:

But then, by Saturday, Jersey became a different dog. Less playful, less running and no eating or drinking AT ALL. On Saturday she threw up three times and looked so despondent that B took her to urgent care in the middle of the night. They xrayed her, pumped her full of fluids and sent her home. She was better on Sunday, but not totally right. She didn't even want to chase Brad:

She just looked uncomfortable. On Monday, B took her to our new vet who gave her more fluids and medications, but it is hard to get a pill down a puppy that won't eat anything.

On Tuesday, both Jersey and I were sick and after we laid around in the morning, I took her back in where they kept her for a while.

By the last time we took her in, she didn't look well at all. However, despite not eating for days, she would still get bursts of energy and chase cats and play with toys. Mostly, though, she looked like this:

Finally, the pet gave her a parvo test which came up positive. The test wasn't given previously because the adoption records said she had been vaccinated. If any of you have dogs, you know that parvo is a puppy killer, especially if caught too late. When I was young we had a puppy survive parvo. I didn't think that could happen twice.

Jersey went back to the vet the day before Christmas Eve. The vet said she was going to keep her until after Christmas although she thought it was a mild strain. We were sad and scared we were going to lose her forever.

On Christmas Eve, B got a call to come pick up Jersey. She was back to full blown puppy status - eating, BARKING nonstop in her kennel, and playing. B wasn't sure and was apprehensive that we would be back in emergency over the holidays. But when he got there and saw her for himself, he brought her home.

This time, it was a real surprise to me. I didn't expect her home for Christmas and I didn't expect her to be so perky. She was the wonderful, excitable, ball of energy** Jersey that was delivered to us a week earlier.

And we were grateful.

The ol' Jersey is back.

And we love her.

*So she isn't really moving in those pictures, but she really is a ball of energy.

9 important things being said:

Jennifer said...

Poor Jersey! I am glad she made such a quick recovery. She is so cute and she is lucky to have you guys as her parents! I have never taken either of the furries anywhere in the middle of the night.

Jennifer said...

Ohhh, and I LOVE the new layout!

patricia @ bloom where you're planted said...

A story with a happy ending, I love it!

j'lynn said...

I'm glad your Jersey is okay. Visits to any doctor and hospital over the holidays sucks. :(

Loving the new look!!

Andhari said...

Thank god she's alright and back to her usual energetic self :) I can tell how relieved and happy you are now, I would be terrified too if I had a pup and diagnosed like that. On such important holiday of the year too,

Wishing all of you, including sweet Jersey, an amazing new year.

phishez said...

Clearly you caught it early. I've seen one dog survive parvo, but it was skeletal when it went home.

Debbie said...

Oh she is so sweet! I was holding my breath during this post til the end, hoping everything turned out ok. What a Christmas gift!

Living Dees Life said...

i am very pleased and so happy to hear that Jersey is healthy again!!

we went through the same thing with Kai when we first got her... not parvo because she's not a dog but with other kitty issues that spread to my older cat... they're both healthy and happy balls of furr after 3 months of in/out of vets offices.

PS... i LOOOOVE your new layout <3

*~Dani~* said...

Jennifer - we feel lucky! This is the second time B has taken in one of our pets in the middle of the night. Other one was Mooch. Thanks about the layout - it took a while to make ;)

Patricia - I love happy endings too!

jlynn - you would know about ER visits over the holidays, wouldn't you? I hope everything is good on your end as well.

Andhari - thank you for your well wishes. I am hoping only the best for you and your family in 2010!

phishez - I know. It is a killer, literally. She perked up and got back the weight she lost and so far, so good. Meanwhile, B is waging war against the adoption place who claims they dont "adopt out sick puppies." She didn't have time to get it in our house~

Debbie - I was holding my breath writing it even though I knew how it ended! We consider it the best Christmas gift since Vicky. Even though Jersey came before Vicky.

Blaez - man! I am grateful we didnt have other dogs. It could have been catastrophic. Same thing happened with Chester and Mooch when we brought Chester home. They just kept passing sickness back and forth. Ugh. Glad you like the layout!

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