Monday, December 28, 2009

Slipping, Sliding and Spinning Our Way Into Christmas

Christmas has come and gone. It seems like it went by so fast after all of the planning. A lot of fun was had. For a short recap of Christmas Eve and a picture of B with a German candle thing, go here.

Christmas morning looked like this:

On the table are the gifts we had for each other and, in some cases, from the cats. Yes Brad loved me enough to get me the complete Sex and The City DVD Series and Chester and Mooch knew how much I wanted the first season of True Blood. Man, I love those cats!

You will also notice that Santa brought B his very own stocking. And it was even filled with stuff:

This pictures shows all of the gifts that we had to load into the truck to take to both our parents' house. And that is Brad making a special guest appearance:

Brad also wanted to participate in the gift opening, mainly by chewing on the paper. I wish I had a video camera for that:

B was very surprised and happy with my gift to him of a widescreen computer monitor. Maybe I should have stuck to his list and given him a big box of socks and underwear.*

At B's sister's house, we heard the story of the famous Zhu Zhu pets and how there are all of these warnings not to put them in your hair because it will get all tangled. B wanted to see what the allure was:

Over at my parents' house, they finally got to meet Jersey. My brother loved her:

And she loved him right back:

All of the gifts at my parents' house were set underneath the reindeer. The deer, as you can see, was taken from a carousel. How cool is that?

My Dad decorated the mantle with garland, lights and a nativity scene:

I love the glowy picture!

Other things that made Christmas eventful:

  • On the way to our first stop, I was driving as B was holding Jersey, when the car next to us started hydroplaning because of the rain, spun around right in front of us across three lanes of traffic, hit the guardrail, went UP the guardrail, and luckily did not flip over. We pulled over and waited with them until EMS and their parents arrived. Luckily they were not hurt, but quite shocked and shaken. I was petrified because we came awfully close to hitting them. Thank God I didn't hit my brakes.
  • We got my nephew a tricycle for Christmas and as soon as he opened he, he yelled "BIKE" and tried to ride it around. He toppled over twice.
  • My nephew also flew off a sit and spin. Those things are dangerous!
  • My nephew also got toppled by Jersey which he thought was fun until she tried to nip at him. Now he is not a fan.
  • My nephew demonstrated his ability to slide down feet first and head first into his ball pit.
  • Jersey was on her best behavior at my parents' house. Of course, that is because she spent the entire time in the kitchen waiting to be fed.
  • I got lots of great presents, including Vicky.**
  • We had a wonderful day with both of our families and our little ones.
Hope your Christmas was just as wonderful!

*He seriously put socks and underwear on his Christmas list. He also seriously thought the box was filled with socks and underwear. I had to stop him from throwing it around. A shattered monitor makes for a sad Dani.

**More on this wonderful lady later.

3 important things being said:

Jennifer said...

I cannot wait to hear about Vicky (Vickie?).

That is crazy about the car hitting the guardrail on the freeway. I also did that one Christmas Day years ago. Oops.

Lucas loves his bike and fas fallen off it a few more times since. He could care less and keeps yelling BIKE and getting back on! Thanks again!

j'lynn said...

I'm glad you guys had a wonderful Christmas!

Yikes about the car accident... tell, your hubby gave you another woman!?! Interesting... LMAO!!

*~Dani~* said...

Jennifer - I have never heard this Christmas Day tale from you. I hope it all ended well. As for Lucas, soon he will be riding that bike and much bigger ones without falling at all.

jlynn - my hubby loves me ;)

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