Wednesday, December 16, 2009

From Jersey Shore to Jersey at Our Door: The Day I Almost Killed My Husband and Got a Dog (Note: These Two Things Are Related)

Meet the newest edition to our family, Jersey:

I know you are wondering to yourself "WHAT? They just got a third cat! Are they nuts?* How did this happen?" Let me tell you, I am wondering the same thing. Here's a little tale for you kiddies as you warm yourselves by the fire:

It is about 8 pm Tuesday night and I receive a text from B who is at his part time job. It merely says:

dont kill me. I have a surprise.

If you are married, you will automatically know that no text or conversation that starts off with "dont kill me" will end well. Hell, all you single people should know that too. So a "conversation" ensues via text message:

Me: What kind of surprise? Why would I kill you? Is it a dog?
B: Maybe.
Me: Are you sure? I am sure you wouldn't make such a permanent decision without any input from me.
B: It was going to be a surprise but they have to do a home visit and drop it off.
Me: And you didn't think I should have any input into this?
B: I thought your input would be no.
B: You were supposed to come home and it would already be there and you would go awwww..

Okay, he is right. My input would have been NO. We just got a THIRD cat. A kitten to be exact. The older one hisses and growls at him regularly. Also, it wasn't a good day. I came home to find:
  1. two ornaments off of the tree and strewn around the living room
  2. one ornament completely crushed
  3. my mail chewed up and strewn around the dining room
  4. puke with a poinsettia leaf in it
This was before there was ever a mention of a dog. Meanwhile, during this texting? I discovered a cat (*ahem* Brad) ate my recipe for chocolate chip cookies and tossed some bread around the kitchen. I think we already have a dog. He is just pretending to be a cat.

So, yes, my input would have been no. And, yes, my husband knows me well. He knows that if he had brought a very cute puppy home, I would not have let it leave. But I wasn't going to let him know that. So when he texted me later after sending me a link to the puppy, I ignored him:

B: Did you find it?
Me: Yes.
B: And?

B: Am I still dead?

B: Ok. I am going to drive home slowly.

B: I am just circling the block now.

Eventually he came home and we discussed the new arrival. I was just glad he didn't try to bring home a beagle. He told me he knew better than to do that and, if he had got a beagle, he would have just kept driving with the beagle howling beside him in the car. We know each other so well. That is why we are in love.

That is also why he is still alive.

So here is Jersey.** She is a beautiful lab/sharpei mix with a bit of shepard in her. She has huge wrinkles on her head which may not show up in the photos but will probably get more prominent as she gets older.

She fell asleep next to B after being attacked by Chester and ignored by Mooch.

How could you not love that face?

*We are totally nuts. Did you have any doubts?

**No, we did not name her after the Jersey Shore show. It was entirely coincidental. Or fate. You decide.

***No, B did not get the idea of getting a dog from yesterday's post. That was entirely coincidental. Or totally planned by him. You decide.

11 important things being said:

J said...

I am so freaking jealous. We both want a dog but because of where we live, it would have to stay outside all the time. My husband thinks this is ok.. I do not. So we don't have one.

The pupy is so cute. I just want to hug it!

Brandy said...

Aww! Jersey is so cute. Especially cause he's sleeping in the picture and looking very innocent.

Debi said...

Sigh - Most Women have Grandkids - not me, I have 3 Grandcats and now 1 Granddog, I am so special.

Just wait till I go to Plumonary Rehab and pull out my "Brag Book" -they will be so jealous - Oh Yeah !!

She is a doll :-)

Ruth said...

Jersey is pretty darn cute. Bet the cats aren't thrilled with the new addition.

Living Dees Life said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaawe she is adorable!!

j'lynn said...

I'm still in shock...I'm not exactly sure why, but I am!!


Jennifer said...

Awww, Jersey is so cute! I cannot wait to meet her. I love dogs and wouldn't mind having more. As long as they are nice and not crazy like Buddy. And do not shed.

phishez said...

She ios entirely too cute. Possibly one of the cutest dog's I've ever soon. And I worked as a vet nurse!

*~Dani~* said...

J - she is adorable. I would agree with you, though. Being outside all the time is no fun! Jersey likes to be hugged. She also likes to chew your arm but I try not to take it personally.

Brandy - sleeping puppies always look innocent, don't they?

Debi - You are so blessed. If it were actual grandkids you would be batting zero or whatever baseball example is fitting in this instance. P.S. she cannot wait to meet you.

Ruth - they were less than thrilled except Brad who was and still is intrigued. Mooch is kind of like a watchful protector as long as she doesn't get too close. Chester might kill her.

Blaez - she really is :)

jlynn - probably for the same reason I am in shock - what the heck were we thinking??

Jennifer - she cannot wait to meet you either. She liked your B today :)

phishez - wow! that is quite the compliment. Jersey is proud and is telling all of her friends. Well, mainly the cats but they are not listening.

Anita said...

That looks sort of like a Cane Corso to me...

*~Dani~* said...

Anita - Well, hell, I didn't even know what a Cane Corso was but I google imaged it and i think she might be part. There was a picture of a part Cane Corso with brindled coloring that looked a lot like her. She also has a white spot on the back of her leg similar to the white chests they have. Interesting. Thanks for the info!

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