Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And Then It Went Down the Drain...

Our garbage disposal died yesterday. Not the one at the new house, the one at the old house. Of course. We are just about to move next week and we have a tenant moving into the condo. Of course something would break.  

I told B on Sunday that the disposal broke.  I was on Twitter at the time and complaining of a chalky smell that I contributed to my computer. Actually it was the disposal. I think the engine burned out or something.  B said it worked fine for him when he disposed of huge chunks of meat. Huh. Me thinks he broke it.

So on Monday night around 7 pm I point out that the sink is starting to back up as there is probably food down there that isn't making it down the drain.  I then go about my business. Such business involved, of course, surfing the internet.  Next thing I hear from him is "Yeah, right. The internet said this was a one step process. Liars!"  I find him under the kitchen sink taking apart the disposal.  I go back to my business.  Fifteen minutes later he is out the door to The Depot to get some parts.  I wonder how this is all going to end.

An hour later I realize he is not back but soon forget as I settle in for some Gossip Girl*.  Not even 18 minutes into the show, I was recruited, albeit reluctantly, to assist in the disposal replacement.  I know better than to argue.  Seems B forgot to get some plumbers putty and it is a NECESSARY ITEM when installing the new disposal you just bought. Yes he bought a new disposal to install. No he has never installed a disposal before.  Changing out of my pjs, putting on boots, and DVRing the rest of Gossip Girl, I go out to Ace to get some putty.  Not knowing how much we need, I go for the 5 lb size.  Anyone need any plumbers putty? Turns out we only really needed about 1/4 of a lb.  Who knew?

So rather than watch Gossip Girl, I installed a new disposal.  And by install, I mean I did the following:
  • held the rim down on the sink so that the putty would stick
  • supervised B's many attempts to screw the disposal in
  • read the directions to B
  • remarked at how close he was getting
  • pondered what would happen if he were any taller - how would he be able to get under the sink at all?
  • changed the battery to the big flashlight
  • tried to charge the other battery
  • got the battery stuck
  • decided not to tell B about the battery
  • handed B the flashlight
  • refrained from talking into the flashlight like it is the principal's microphone from Grease like I normally do when holding that flashlight**
  • ran water to see if the disposal leaked
  • ran the disposal to see if it worked
  • declared it another DIY victory, like the floor
  • declared B very brave for attempting something new and scary
  • told B about the flashlight battery
When all was said and done, we had a new disposal.  B triumphantly declared "two hours later! Not bad!" Meanwhile, having forgotten his entire trip to The Depot, I attempted to correct him by saying "it was only 45 minutes."  Obviously, I was only working on the time frame from when I stopped watching Gossip Girl.

There you have it:

New disposal - I don't know how much money so I will guess $50***
Time spent installing it - 2 hours
Money saved from having it professionally installed - $99
Total money saved - negative $ if B's time is worth anything over $50 an hour, not to mention my time
Family togetherness and DIY projects - priceless

If we can replace a disposal together, there is no stopping us at the new place.  More on those renovations tomorrow.

*How sexy was it when Chuck punched out Jack.  I swooned. I admit it.

**This flashlight seriously looks like that old fashioned principal microphone from Grease, where you press down the button to talk. Same shape and everything minus the button.  Whenever it is anywhere near me I walk around speaking to B through it in my "announcer voice." It never fails to make him laugh.

***Turns out it is really about $75. Not a bad guess.

7 important things being said:

fingers said...

Well done !!!
I was worried about the chalky smell you 'contibuted' to the computer.
What exactly was it contributing...

*~Dani~* said...

fingeres - ha! I was obviously half asleep when I wrote that, but I will say that it "contributed" to my inability to use the computer due to the nausea I was suffering from. So I was unable, myself, to contribute much to the computer. I let it down.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Bass is always sexy, even gorked out of his mind in some tranny hooker's hash den. I'm glad you watch Gossip Girl. I hide my addiction to those Upper East Siders from most of my friends so I am always glad to find someone else (tweens and teens aside) that watches it.

Debi said...

OMG - First Betty Crocker of the crock pot and now Mrs. Fix-it , will wonders ever cease!
I am very proud of you, could you take a look at my dishwasher :)

Jennifer said...

You are getting so handy! It is amazing. You obviously were the key into getting this installed.

Captain Smack said...

Is that what plubmer's putty is for? I thought it was to fill in their cracks.

*~Dani~* said...

Jamie - you are right, but he was especially sexy last night. You are my official Gossip Girls buddy because I do not know anyone else that watches and loves Chuck.

Mom - well, B did have to look at the dishwasher today, but since I wasn't there to help, I didn't bother to post about it. I think it may be working. Do you want me to send him your way?

Jenny - he would have been lost without me. It's true.

Captain Smack - if only THAT were true. Less crack is always a good thing in plumbing - both in the pipes and in the pants!

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