Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Oops I Did It Again!

Well, maybe not me, but the lady behind me.  Another accident~ she smashed all up in my car. While I was stopped at a light and after she had stopped FOR THE SAME LIGHT.  Goodness.  Remember when I thought it was kind of amusing to be rearended because it wasn't my car? Not so funny when it is your car.

I was coming home from my Mom's house all happy and free, enjoying the last couple of days of my vacation.  I exited the freeway, got all the way over into the right lane and stopped behind a van with a trailer attached.  I stopped. A full stop.  A I-had-to-wait-at-least-two-minutes-before-the-light-changed stop.  The lady behind me also stopped for the same amount of time.  The light turned green and everyone around us started to move except the guy in the van with the trailer. I lifted up my hand to tap my horn and...


The lady behind me plows into my vehicle.  After my head bounced off the back of my head rest for the second time in a month, I wonder how the hell she had hit me with such force having been STOPPED and all.  Then realizing I was sitting there in drive without braking, I pulled over to the side of the road, got out and saw a big ol' dent in the back of my vehicle at the hatch. She was driving an old Dodge pick up - all metal. I was driving my new Ford midsize SUV - all plastic.  She asked if I was okay and apologized and then suggested we go to the police station. Sounds good. I call B on the way who thinks I should get her license number in case she splits. Of course I am in front of her (which probably isn't a good idea given the situation) and cannot see it. However, she follows me to the police station without incident.  We arrive and so does her husband in another car. They must live nearby because he pulled up simultaneously. I don't know why she called for back up as I was smaller than her and never even raised my voice.  Whatever makes you happy.

We get to the police station only to find that we are at the wrong one.  Off we go to another police station. I call B to tell him.  This time I follow her and her husband follows me. And yep, he almost rear ends me on the way there. How would that be for some irony? Rear ended by the husband of the lady that rear ended you on the way to the police station to report that accident? Luckily that did not occur as I really wasn't in the mood for irony.

At the police station, she proceeds to apologize about 5 more times.  The cop asks what happens and she immediately says "I hit her."   Yeah, what she says.  The cop asked if we were stopped. I respond "I was stopped...." and she says "you had that guy with the trailer in front of you" as if that explained anything.  I know what happened. Everyone went but trailer guy including lady behind me, apparently flooring it, because she wasn't paying attention.

We then all troop out to the vehicles to survey the damage. I notice a piece of something on my bumper. Picking it up, I notice it is metal and does not appear to be from my vehicle.  I go to the front of her vehicle where her and her husband are looking at their damage (a totally smashed grill and possibly a smashed radiator) and ask "is this a piece of your car?"  It was. She took it.  When she looked at my damage, I stated "it's a dent."  She quipped "it looks expensive." Yes, I am sure it is.  Isn't it always?

B surveyed the damage when I brought it home and said "that's quite a dent."  Yep, it looks like I get to visit good ol' Ben at the dealership again. Hopefully he can get this repaired as well as he got the fluid leak repaired.

Starting 2009 off with a bang over here...

4 important things being said:

Anonymous said...

yikes! i'm glad you are okay though and that it wasn't anything major!! that would have been a bummer. :)

Anonymous said...

"you had that guy with the trailer in front of you"

What the hell kind of excuse is that?? I'm wondering if I can just go ahead and start using that for all occassions:

Bill Collector: You are behind on your credit card payment.
Me: You had that guy with the trailer in front of you.

*~Dani~* said...

rachel - thanks. Turns out a little dent is kind of major because they have to replace the whole hatch back. Good thing I have insurance!

catherinette - that is frickin' hilarious. I almost spit my tea on my monitor reading your comment. That is exactly what I was thinking when she said it - "is THAT your excuse"??? You plowed into a STOPPED vehicle. Unbelievable.

Jennifer said...

Maybe it was hard to see your car when that big trailer was in front of you. I am sure they got confused. I can't wait to hear what happens when you go to the dealership.

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