Monday, January 12, 2009

A Conversation Between Me and B

B: Look at that guy with a headlight walking his dog.

Me: It is a light on his head.
B: It is a headlight.
B: I am going to get you one of those when you walk our dog.*
Me: I am not walking the dog with a headlight.
B: You can walk the dog to Starbucks.
Me: Yes! I can take the dog there so he can bite everyone's heels so they leave and I don't have to wait. I will just say "He is on a leash, I cannot control him."
B: You think that is a good thing to say, you cannot control your dog?
Me: Wait! I will just have him nip NEAR their ankles but not actually bite them. Then they will just be scared and they will leave. Then I will not be in trouble. And if the police come I will take off on my dog who is superfast and who I will ride away.
B: You are going to ride off on your dog?
Me: Yes, he is super fast and big enough to ride.
Me: And he will have a cape!
B: Oh, I saw a dog with a cape today.
Me: WAIT! What?
B: I saw a dog with a cape today.
Me: How did you just turn a ridiculous fantasy conversation into something real? You did NOT see a dog in a cape today.
B: Maybe it was a jacket, but he was right up here [gesturing to dashboard]
Me: You saw a dog on a dashboard with a cape?
B: Yes in a van. He looked like he was ready to go.
Me: No doubt. He was wearing a cape.
B: I think he was a Jack Russell terrier. They always look ready to go.
Me: That is true. Jack Russells just have that face. Ready to pounce.
Me: My dog will be bigger than that. Big enough to ride away.
Me: And he will have a cape.

*We don't own a dog, which probably makes this conversation even more ridiculous.

6 important things being said:

fingers said...

Yeah, I ran out of actual stuff to talk about with my wife too...

*~Dani~* said...

fingers - gee thanks for turning my fun carefree marriage in to a distant sad one. I appreciate that.

Jennifer said...

What a crazy conversation. You are not thinking about getting a jack russell are you? OMG, I would take 20 Buddy's over one of those.

*~Dani~* said...

Jenny - no to Jack Russell terriers. I want a bigger dog. Then I saw this girl on a blog with a bulldog and it is the cutest thing ever. Who knows what we will actually get though. No to Buddy like dogs. Sorry, your dog is insane.

Jennifer said...

Oh, a bulldog like meaty on Rob & Big? I so want one of those!

My insane dog does not like this cold weather. He stands out in the snow with one paw up in the air and I have to always go pick him up. He is a big baby!

*~Dani~* said...

Jenny - I am not entirely sure. B looked at the pictures and said the bulldog might be mixed with something else. I should ask the lady who owns the dog. I will find the pictures and forward them to you.

Your dog is such a diva.

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