Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Can You See What I See?

You can now! And what I hear.  Here is the first installment, and maybe the last depending on my whim, of Seen and Heard.  These are little tidbits that cannot hold their own separate blog post, so I gathered them here for your amusement.  Enjoy!

HEARD - from B while on a plane to Vegas upon finding an advertisement for The Beast on our tray table - "Nobody puts Baby on a tray table."

SEEN - A man downing a packet of Splenda in Stabucks. From the packet. By itself. I know it says it tastes just like sugar, but it doesn't and it certainly isn't a pixie stick dude. Really.

HEARD - at Starbucks "This vanilla must be dehydrated" while holding the vanilla shaker "you know, because vanilla is usually liquid."

HEARD - "by now we were all supposed to be wearing jet packs" by B - all the time. What is with men's obsession with jet packs? Not going to happen. This is not the Jetsons.  And the dinosaur age was not like the Flintstones.

SEEN - two girls dressed for homecoming trying to get out of a restaurant door. First one pulled the first door. The second pulled the other door. Finally, they realized they had to push.

SEEN - giant empty bag of Swedish Fish in my office garbage, yet no Swedish Fish in sight ever. Are they hiding them from me? I only love those above all other candy.  Gonna have to go fishing. Yeah, I said that.  You know you chuckled.

HEARD - "isn't coming in today. Her hair is falling out or something."

SEEN - covered concept car being driven down the road. How fun can that be to drive? No one can tell what kind of car it is.  You look like you just forgot to take off the cover or something.

SEEN - guy with one of those grocery carts that has the baby seat fixed in it. He didn't have a baby. Just a bag of peas where the baby should be. Creepy or convenient?  

HEARD - "Hello" by guy on way into Starbucks that sounded an awful lot like a character in the Fashion Fits game I was playing nonstop at the time.  Coincidence or pure insanity? You decide.

And a random picture of Mooch and Chester in a rare moment of love circa New Year's Eve 2008:

8 important things being said:

Matt said...


I cant believe someone took the sugar straight from the packet.

That guy is my hero.

Anonymous said...

A lot of crazy things happen in Starbucks. My favorite one is about the two girls in homecoming dresses.

Memphis said...

Wow, your cats will actually tolerate each other enough for one to sleep on the other? Mine can't even get within 2 feet without the girl cat hissing like a snake. The boy cat thinks it's funny.

*~Dani~* said...

Matt - but it wasnt really sugar, it was Splenda. Not quite the same.

Jamie - you are telling me! I think I could live blog Starbucks on any given day and have enough material for multiple posts.

Steve - This is a rare moment in their lives. Usually Mooch teases Chester who bats him in the head and then Mooch hisses like your girl cat and I call him a bunch of derogatory girl names and tell him to grow some balls. Although I think they have been snipped. However cats' stuff works, I really dont know.

Kacie said...

Splenda guy sounds sorta like something I once did. I was at a restaurant, 9 months pregnant, and HOT. I was sweating and feeling sick, perhaps because I hadn't had enough to eat that day.

I opened a sugar packet (real sugar) and ate it. I felt better! I think my blood sugar was dipping.

k bai.

*~Dani~* said...

Kacie - I dont think I would have even looked twice if I saw you do that. Well maybe once because you dont see it that often. I think it was just because it was Splenda and the sugar substitutes can have that bitter aftertaste. And he was somewhere where they had sugar packes and even raw sugar (um YUM) that he could have downed.

Jennifer said...

I had so much to say about this blog and then I got to the picture of the large kitties and forgot it all.

*~Dani~* said...

Jenny - that was their plan - distraction by fatness.

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