Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Sea of Boxes

In the midst of the renovations which resulted in this:

The basement of the new house went from looking like this:

and this:

To this:

and this:

Then came the arrival of these guys (yes the wall is still that hideous yellow but you will see the transformation in an upcoming post I am sure):

And then, just a few days later, to this:

And this:

And this:

Man we have a lot of stuff! 

This happened in just three short days.  In fact, B's parents remarked about how quickly we had piled stuff up.  I had not realized at the time how quickly we did it, but looking back it does not surprise me. You see, B, is not one to just sit idle.  Every time one of us thought about going to the new house in those three days, our vehicle had to be packed to the brim with boxes.  In fact, for the closing, we both drove separately with vehicles completely packed to the top. It would be the first of many trips in those first few days. It reminds me of when we decided to move in together. I was living in an apartment with a few weeks left on my lease. We made the decision and I decided it was great that I would have a nice long time to pack up and get prepared. Nope! B started moving my "little" stuff the next day.  Whatever wasn't nailed down or did not require heavy lifting was gone.  Finally, after finding him measuring my desk to move and my exclaiming, "but what will I put my computer on if you take THAT", I just broke down, hired a mover, and was out within days.  If not for the refinishing of the floors, I am sure it would be the same now.

Oh, and did we move all of those boxes in nice balmy weather? Of course not.  This is a snapshot of what we experienced:

That's about how I felt too when all was said and done. Good thing I have gloves.

5 important things being said:

Rebekah said...

Woo, moving!

My previously empty basement just exploded with stuff when I moved in. One room was almost completely filled with stuff I had bothered to move from the apartment and then decided should be resigned to the yard sale pile.

2 years later I still don't know what's in some of those boxes...

Debi said...

Wow if you guys keep that up, your basement will be as beautifully decorated as mine is. :)
Try to save some room for all the box's you have over here.It will be like Christmas when you find out what's in them , LOL

*~Dani~* said...

Rebekah - that is too funny. I failed to mention in this post (although my Mom referenced in her comment) the tons of boxes that are at my parents house and have been there for um, YEARS. Longer than 2. Like you, I have no idea what is in them. Surely they are important though.

Mom - see above :) Christmas of important, but long forgotten items.

Jennifer said...

You guys have so much stuff. I can't believe you tried to say you have way less stuff than we did. No way!!!!

*~Dani~* said...

Jennifer - okay, so maybe we THOUGHT we had less stuff because it wasnt boxed up. We were, apparently, very wrong.

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