Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just Another Day with My Dealer

We wasted no time in getting my damaged vehicle to the dealership, or so we thought. B and I drove it up there Sunday night to leave the keys and hopefully have them start on it bright and early Monday morning. I almost wrote on the envelope "please let Ben get my car" but felt that was pushing my luck. Now let me tell you about that envelope. The envelopes and pen are outside where the key drop box is located. At the time of the drop off, it was about 10 degrees and the wind was whipping around like crazy. I am standing there trying to fill out my information only to find:

  • It was too cold for the pen to write well and it stopped working twice
  • It was too cold for the pen that I dug out of my purse to write well
  • I was cold
  • I could not remember my plate number and had to walk back to my car to look it up
  • It took three pens to write everything down
  • When I was done I realized that the envelope was sealed shut, possibly due to the weather, and I had to start all over - GRRRR

When I was finally done, and after B snidely remarked "write a novel why don't you," we were off happy in the knowledge that we were proactive in getting the car fixed. B assured me that the dealer would call me the next day and handle everything. After all, that's what happened in his experience.

Not so much for me. When I next talked to B at 11 am the following day, I noted that no one from the dealership had called. I decided to be proactive and call them. As I was googling the number, I realized that there was a special body shop and collision department. I then realized that my car was left at service. According to their website there is one mile between the two, however, I surmised that the entire mile is the dealership because it is quite large and surely Service would have gotten my car down to Collision, right? Wrong.

I call Collision and reach a woman who sounds like she smokes Marlboro Reds every 5 minutes only to be interrupted by shots of bourbon. We discuss:

Me: Hi. I want to know if you have my car. I left it at the dealer last night.
Woman: No [sounding surprised] I don't have it!

[Apparently they must not have received any cars because I never really identified my car besides what I noted above.]  Anyway...

Woman: Is it drivable?
Me: Yes, I drove it there and left it at Service with the keys in the nightbox.
Woman: We are in Collision.
Me: I realize that now. However, at the time I did not think of that and left it at Service. I figured they must have driven it down.
Woman: Is it drivable?
Me: YES. I drove it there and left it there. It only has a dent in the rear.
Woman: We don't have it. Are you sure Service would know it should come to us?
Me: Well I did write "In an ACCIDENT, DENT in rear, call for INSURANCE information." You think that would be enough for them to figure out.
Woman: Where did you leave it?
Me: In the drop off area, right in front of the box.
Woman: Is it easy to spot?
Me: It is RIGHT in front of the box with three other cars, first in line. Can't really miss it unless you are not looking.
Woman: Well, we don't have it but I can call them and see if they have it.
Me: Thank you.

About a half hour later I receive a call from Ben:

Ben: Hi. We have your car here in Service.
Me: Thanks. I left it there by mistake. It should be in Collision.
Ben: So I am reading this right, you were in an accident and want it fixed?
Me: Yes, please.
Ben: Okay, but you left it in Service.
Me: I am aware. It was a mistake. Meant for Collision.
Ben: Okay. We will try to get it down there.

Try? TRY? How hard is it to get a car that is DRIVABLE down to an area that is a mere mile from you and in which the entire mile is YOUR DEALERSHIP. I know you have couriers. In fact, those couriers drove me ACROSS THE STREET last time to get my rental. Try? I know you can do it.

And they did. Marlboro Bourbon lady called me an hour later to say that she got it. 

In their defense, I should have perhaps known I needed Collision and not Service. However, in my defense, I do not make it a habit to visit Collision and since my car is drivable, it really shouldn't have been a problem.

I had high hopes for my BFF Ben. Sigh.

In other news, that little fender bender is resulting in an entire new hatch and bumper. Luckily I have the best insurance company around and my deductible was waived and they timely got an inspector out there so the dealership can move on ordering parts.

Yes, they have to order parts.  This could take a while.

I need another Ben.

*I really cannot spell drivable. Holy cow.  Thanks spell check.

4 important things being said:

EP said...

Eh. That makes my head hurt for you. People...

*~Dani~* said...

EP - yes it was quite frustrating times. At least now they are fixing my car. I hope.

Jennifer said...

How confused are these people? Geez. Hopefully you find a Ben #2 who can fix this up right for you.

*~Dani~* said...

Jennifer - Apparently a lot confused. Somehow I doubt Marlboro Bourbon lady will be the next Ben.

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