Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Play by Play - An Evening with Dani

Also known as "why I can never get anything done."  Here is what I did upon arriving home tonight:

Decided I was hungry and needed to make soup for my sore throat.
Went into the kitchen, turned on the light, got out the soup.
Decided I need to change out of my suit.
Left the kitchen and headed to the bedroom.

Decided to do a load of towels along the way.
Put B's clothes in the dryer, the towels in the washer.
Threw out the lint in the bathroom and remembered my nylons were snagged and would need to be thrown out as well.
Thought about brushing my hair.

Went into the bedroom and changed.
Remembered that I wanted to load up all of the extra hangers from the bedroom closet and other closet to take to new house.
Went to living room to get tote.
Threw out nylons.

Went over the computer to check my email.
Checked Twitter.
Checked Facebook.
Read some blogs from my reader.
Looked at some contests, decided to do them later.
Found I was very hungry.

Headed to the kitchen where I found the light on and the soup out.
Started the soup.
Heard B's clothes were done.
Took clothes into the bedroom and found the light on, the closet open.
Remembered I wanted to take care of the hangers.
Went back looking for the tote.
Along the way, stopped in bathroom to throw out lint.
Found cabinet door open where hairbrush is (never brushed hair)
Found under sink door open where trash is (threw out nylons somewhere else)

Went and got tote.  
Soup is done.
Put down tote.



Eventually the following DID occur:

I ate soup.
I did the laundry.
I changed out of my suit.
Took care of the hangers.
Brushed my hair.

Whew! No wonder it seems to take me forever to get things done!

4 important things being said:

Jennifer said...

I sort of have the same problem. I can never decide what I really need to first. I want to do everything first!!!

*~Dani~* said...

Jennifer - I think this happens to a lot of people, either because they cannot decide what to do first like you or they forget what the heck they were doing in the first place, like me.

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem and it makes me feel better to know there are others out there. My worst time is in the morning. My morning routine takes three hours- from the time the alarm goes off until I walk in the door at work. Which is quite sad considering I don't hit snooze and I have a five minute commute. I was quite impressed with your detailed account of you spent your time. I always wonder where I lose so much time, but I can't seem to figure it out. You have inspired me though and tommorow morning I'm going to account for how I spend my time in the morning.

*~Dani~* said...

Jamie - you are not alone. That is funny - it takes me about two hours up to work which makes B crazy. He is a 15 minute kind of guy. I want to shower, and eat, and check email, and putz around (as B calls it). Let me know how it works out with your accounting for time.

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