Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crime Watch Wednesday: Can You Spare a Little Change

This week's crime watch chronicles involves more theft of change from vehicles. Remember when I pondered (a) why people had SO much change in their car and (b) how many people actually kept that much change in their car? Now we have our answer:

A rash of larcenies have occurred from neighborhood vehicles recently. First, $10 in change and eyeglasses were taken from an unlocked vehicle. Then, in a separate incident, about $10 in change and bills were taken from a possibly unlocked vehicle.

What the heck? First, people, LOCK YOUR DAMN CARS. Second, how the hell do they know they have $10 in change or even "about $10"? I have a bunch of change in my car now for parking meters and if someone asked, I would probably say $3. $10 in change. Give me a break.

And give the thieves a break would you? Although the $200 sunglasses were nice, the change was like a slap in their face! I would venture to say that thieves would liken such change to tipping a waitress with pennies. Not that I am a thief or a waitress.* But if I were?

I would smash the windows on your unlocked door just for spite.**

*Except when I was that waitress for one day. Yep, one day was good enough for me. Probably good enough for my employer, the customers, and the remaining waitstaff as well.

**Unless I was a waitress, because then that wouldn't make any sense.

2 important things being said:

Living Dees Life said...

i love my garage! when we lived in the apartment complex and my car was parked out in the open i always feared i'm wake up in the AM to my car broken into and my I-Pass stolen, the quarters and dimes and nickels in my console stolen along with all my CDs, etc.

now, I just worry about it when we're at work... stupid car thieves making me stress :(

*~Dani~* said...

Blaez - I hate that feeling. We have that problem at my current office. Nothing like thinking "wonder if will have a car when I get off work to get home" Grrr!

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