Tuesday, August 04, 2009

This Means War! a/k/a Battle of the Mags & Rags

Speaking of wars, Marie Claire and I are at war. She sends me multiple invoices in different variations of names and prices. I then cancel them all with large and angry strokes of then pen and then order the magazine from an online retailer for a very cheap price.

This is war! I wonder who will win?

In other news, I really need to start reading the magazines I have. It has become a problem. Take a look:

Yep. And I even cleaned some of them out last month. They just keep coming. And I keep not reading them. Then I find deals on other magazines I want to read. And those come. And I don't read them. Then my Mom gives me some. Sometimes I read them.

Hell, how do I even know how to work my computer? Do I even know how to work my computer? Who knows. I haven't read the magazine since 2008.

I am even having trouble paring them down. At first I said nothing before the first of the year. Yes I have magazines from November of 2008 but I think (a) I like the topic/actor/actress/person it mentions and want to read about it/him/her, or (b) this is a good magazine, I just need to read it.

You can see where that has gotten me.

In my defense, it is easier to catch up in the fall when there are a lot of TV shows on with commercials. I am one to let the commercials play and catch up on my reading in the process. Now, in the summer, the only show I am watching is True Blood and there are no commercials! Damn them! And thank them! True Blood with commercials would be torture. But maybe I would get some reading done.

What do you think? Toss or know one day I will eventually read?

Or wait until the magazines start to spill out from that table and force me to do something about them?

I am sure you know where my answer lies.

7 important things being said:

Brandy said...

I don't have any good advice cause I'm in the same situation. Except I keep mine in a big basket...that is now overflowing. ~sigh~

Debbie said...

Sorry I don't have answers either. I get so excited to find a magazine waiting for me in the mailbox, flipping thru it as I walk up the drive, but once I cross the threshold of my home, other distractions begin and the magazine finds its way to the coffee table cemetery where all the previous issues are stored.

Jennifer said...

I have this problem too. Sometimes I read US Weekly from 3 months ago and get angry that I missed out on the gossip. Its my own fault.

And I love your new signature!!!!!

Andhari said...

ooh girly that is a looot of magazines! I say keep some you think you'll be interested to read and toss those that are less appealing?:P

*~Dani~* said...

Brandy - well, at least I am not alone!

Debbie - I am the EXACT same way. Seriously.

Jennifer - I get angry when I read US weekly in the current week because I realize I already saw all of the pictures on the internet! love your new signature too! Actually, I like yours better than mine.

Andhari - You are very practical. I will try to follow your advice. I did read 4 the other day. That is good right? 4 less than I had.

Jennifer said...

Wait, I just realized your signature is the exact same as your name on here is! That is so cool!

*~Dani~* said...

Jennifer - Yes, I planned it that way ;)

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