Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Crime Watch Wednesday: Third Times the Stab

This week's crime watch chronicles brings us the tale of a lady who has been to the emergency room one too many times, yet somehow hasn't learned her manners:

A woman was arrested after threatening employees of a hospital with a 3 inch pair of metal scissors. She threatened to stab everyone in the emergency room. Although the hospital had treated her earlier, she became belligerent and started cursing and demanding drugs. She is a well known visitor to the hospital.

Nothing like threatening someone with scissors the size of a chapstick. And now you are up for aggravated assault because of it? Smooth lady. Not going to get your drugs now, are you?

This story reminds me of this lady my family saw in the hospital last summer. We were also in the emergency room due to a family member's illness (not mine for once!!) when we heard all kinds of belligerence and cursing. A woman, quite like the one above, was yelling and cursing and threatening to burn the hospital down. Even though I have been known to swear like a sailor (thanks bro!), that woman made ME blush with her string of profanity. The hospital staff would go in her room two and three at a time. Some were big burly men. All of them looked exhausted. No matter how nice they were, she would just continue to threaten them and, apparently us as we were in the hospital she planned on burning down. Finally they gave her some drugs and off she went to la la land. It was then that we got the chance to see her.

She was 90 years old and weighed about 90 pounds.

I guess mean things can come in small packages. Weapons, however, should be large. No one will take you seriously when you are waiving scissors meant for baby nails.

Take note.

2 important things being said:

Andhari said...

Why would the hospital staff didn't send the old lady to cops in your story? She should've. Crazy people are threatening and they need mental hospitals or some sort.

*~Dani~* said...

I think the cops did come and get her at some point. You are right, she really needs a mental hospital!

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