Friday, August 07, 2009

Flashback Friday: Got Any Lube?

B suggested that I also write about things that happened in my past on my blog. Since I love taking suggestions, at least those that I like, I thought "good idea." And here you have it, my first "flashback". So retro.

Do you ever wake up singing a song in your head? I do. Almost every day. In fact, today's song was Alanis Morissette's "All I Really Want". The other day, it was "I Want a New Drug" by Huey Lewis & the News. You are probably thinking, "Huey Lewis and the What?" and with good reason. Just trust. I was a preteen and it had a catchy beat. Well, it did then. I hear it now and I kind of cringe. It also had some very deep lyrics that went something like this:

I want a new drug.
One that won't make me sick.
One that won't make my eyes swell up
Or make me feel three feet thick

One that won't make me nervous
wondering what to do
One that makes me feel
like I feel when I'm with you
All ALONE with you

Profound right? Yep, I did that from memory.* Please, hold your applause until the end.

Now, when I was a preteen, I apparently liked to break out in song while walking down the street. So, one day, my Mom and I were walking down the street when I started singing this song. My Mom, however, heard something different:

Mom: Did you just say you want a lube job?
Me: WHAT? A lube job? Um, NO. I said I want a NEW DRUG.
Mom: Oh [as if it was perfectly acceptable for her daughter to be singing about drugs]
Mom: Well it sounded like lube job and I was concerned.

I can only imagine what my Mom's inner dialogue was at that time:

Did I just hear my daughter say she wants a lube job? What on earth is she singing? Does she know what lube is? HOW DOES SHE KNOW WHAT LUBE IS? I am going to have to start monitoring her music. Crap! Now I feel like those crazy moms in Elvis times. Or like those parents in that Footloose movie. Wait, I''ll just ask her what she's talking about...

Meanwhile, here was my inner dialogue:

A lube job? Mom has lost her mind. Why would Huey Lewis & the News sing about an oil change?

*Yep, those lyrics from my memory are all messed up. Whatever. That is how I remember it folks. All of the correct words are there, just in the wrong places. Welcome to my brain.

7 important things being said:

Bad Bob said...

OMG! A lube job? A radio station I listen to here in the Southern U.S. coined a term "Chronic Lyricosis" which refers to what you think is being sung compared to what is actually sung.
That's a new one hahahaha..."I want a lube job!"
I got here from seing you from one of Finger's posts.

Andhari said...

LOL lube job..that sounds know, naughty.

Anyhoo, you're so much cooler than me, when I was younger all I sing was boyband songs. I mean, come on!

*~Dani~* said...

Bad Bob - welcome! Yes, a lube job. Can you imagine? i think this is even worse because it is not like I misheard the lyrics, but my singing was so awful, it made my Mom mishear the lyrics. On another note, sometimes you DO need a lube job. Just sayin'.

Andhari - it does sound naughty. WAY too naughty for a young girl. Lucky for me I missed the boyband train. Instead I got the stupid lyrics with a catchy beat train. Wait. That may have been the same thing!

Jennifer said...

It is much more normal to want a new drug than a lube job. Or at least that is what your mom thinks. I am not sure which is worse actually.....

*~Dani~* said...

Jenny - me either.

Living Dees Life said...

thank you for turning my morning bright! i woke up with a spasm in my back from the surgery and so i decided to come in here in the office and read blogs and you put a smile on my face! thank you thank you ;) now i can go rouse up the man and get my shower and go to the grocery store :)

*~Dani~* said...

Blaez - Glad I could make you forget your pain for a minute! Hope the surgery went well and you are back to yourself in no time. Take care of yourself.

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