Monday, August 24, 2009

It's the Great Pumpkin...

If you are a loving and supportive wife like myself, if your husband came home and said that he and his friend, S, were going to grow the BIGGEST PUMPKINS EVER at work, you would say:

"Really? That's nice."

And then you would ask that same husband no less than five times in two days why the heck there is a cup with dirt in it in the backyard. And each time he would exasperatedly yell "it is a PUMPKIN for my sister," and you would say:

"Oh. That's nice."

In fact, being as supportive as you are, you cannot even remember how many conversations about pumpkins there have been in the past couple of months. However, once you opened your email and received the following pictures, you started to take notice:

and you said to your husband things like:

"Wow! That IS a big pumpkin"


"Nice measuring gauge you have there - drink much on the job?"


"How many of those pumpkins are you growing there?"

and finally:

"Really? That's nice."

Then, in the next couple of days when you see that you and your husband have a mutual friend on facebook with the last name of "Pumpkin" and a picture that looks like this:

you start to pay closer attention. But do you know when you REALLY start paying attention? When you get an email from Netflix that your husband has rented a movie called Lord of the Gourds.* That is when you realize you have totally been lacking in your wifely duties. Of course, you rectify this at once:

Me: You call ME a geek? ME?
B: What?
Me: Why are you renting Lord of the Gourds from Netflix?
B: What?
Me: It is a MOVIE about PUMPKINS.
B: And other gourds.
Me: I'm sorry, did you just say "and other gourds"? Because that is really not helping your case.
B: I need to learn more about pumpkins.
Me: I am married to an 80 year old.

Whew! Wifely duty crisis averted.**

*Why do I think gourds is spelled with an "h"? I must be confusing ghouls with pumpkins. Is it Halloween yet?

**Also, B is a rockstar for growing these huge pumpkins. Really. I hope he and S win awards. And that they can find a forklift to transport the pumpkins to the places that give awards.

***To see B's sister's pumpkin, go here.

****I love pumpkin pie.

5 important things being said:

Living Dees Life said...

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! its the great pumpkin charlie brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i SO want to watch that movie now!!!!

i love pumpkins and pumpkin pies and pumkin seeds and all things pumpkins because it reminds me of halloween my most favoritetest holiday ever in the history of favorite holidays!!!

BrokenRhino said...

Best post in a while. It hits home because I currently have Pumpkins taking over my yard.

When B returns it maybe I should rent the Ghourds movie.

Katelin said...

hahaha that is hilarious that he's renting 'lord of the gourds', i laughed out loud when i read that title, classic.

Jennifer said...

That pumpkin is huge! I am so jealous. And I cannot believe there is such a movie on Netflix. This post sort of makes me want to rent it too.....

*~Dani~* said...

Blaez - I love pumpkins too. Especially with whipped cream. If there is no whipped cream, I may or may not throw an absolute fit in front of the entire family thereby ensuring that there are FOUR kinds of whipped cream the next year. Not that that happened or anything.

BrokenRhino - well, well, well. It took pumpkins to bring you back to commented. Who knew gourds were your thing. Wait...why are pumpkins taking over your yard? Are they huge or just regular size? Did you plan this? Will you bake me pumpkin pie? Also, this story is weeks old. I am sure the movie is back.

Katelin - I know! The title is nothing short of amazing. The movie? Not so much.

Jenny - you do NOT want to rent that movie. You know how when you hit PBS and there is some generic old man droning on and on about something and it sounds like they filmed it in a cave with bad lighting? That is Lord of the Gourds. Just ask B for the cliff notes.

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